Genesis_II by john stephens

Genesis_II by john stephens

The time is now

To open your heart

And reconnect with your higher self

Dear One, the veil is thinning, the vibrational energies of this physical plane are increasing. For these reasons, it is time to take the next step and begin to reconnect with your higher self. This is that part of you that remained behind and did not embody into your physical frame. By doing this, it remained behind to be a guiding presence to you as you lived your experiential life here upon this plane.

Realize that you are part of the whole. Consider a lake with all of its inlets and bays coming out from the main body of water. All connected, all part of the whole. Some parts flow into areas further away yet there is always that connection with the main source of water. There may be no distinct pattern, no commonality, yet all inlets and bays remain in touch with the source.

As too, with you, the adventurous one, who chose to branch out and explore what new parts of yourself are waiting just beyond, a little further away than you are accustomed to being. The landscape is different, but still you remain part of the main source. And for each of you, there is a gentle breeze coming to allow you to flow, to move towards the direction you need to go.

Dear One, follow your heart. Hear that gentle, quiet voice within that guides you down your path. Your higher self knows what you came here to learn. If you have strayed, it will gently guide you back on course. If you are continuing on target, it will send encouragement and help to keep you moving forward. But always, always, you have free will to change your mind, to refuse to listen, to go in a completely different direction than originally planned.

For this, there is no judgment, no punishment. It is well understood how difficult it is here upon this plane to keep the connection strong with that part of you left behind on the other side of the veil. This is partially why there is so much strife and suffering here upon this plane. But because enough of you have worked diligently to move forward, the higher energetic vibration created is allowing more to reconnect in a way that is beneficial to them, to the All, to the entire existence of being.

Dear One, the time is now. It has never been easier for those of us here on the other side of the veil to reach out to you in order to help you. Allow us to do that for you. Offer your hand up to us. Invite us into your life and know, truly know, that you are ever under a watchful eye, in a loving embrace. Not for the purpose of judging your progress. But to assist in any way possible without affecting your power to make your own choices in which direction to take.

Open your heart today. Allow the loving essence of who you truly are to fill your physical frame. At this time it is easier for this to occur. You have become more accustomed to the higher vibration without even being aware of it. Through the work of others on both sides of the veil, this turning point has been reached.

Dear one, there is much joy for the possibilities that now lay at your feet.


Be still and listen to that gentle voice within.

Trust your intuition as we guide thee.

And never, never think you are incapable of change.

For you are going through change at this very moment.

Gently, quietly, and lovingly.

Open your heart, Dear One.

And reconnect with the All.

For indeed, you are

One With All of Thee.

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