What of Illusion?


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What do you see?

How does it make you feel?

It is real or in your mind?

Dear One, do you understand the power which you have to create? The world around you is of your own creation. This very moment is a moment of your creation. That is not to place judgment or guilt upon your shoulders. Instead, we tell you this to help you see the power you hold in your very hands.

You are a being of light, of love, one connected to the All. This we have told you in the past. Because you are one with the All, you have the power of creation.

Think of your life and how you see it. For it is your choice to see the beauty around you. It is also your choice to see only the darkness, the negativity, the pain. Both exist, for one cannot exist without the other. But here upon this physical plane, you are living in a temporary existence. One created by you to serve a purpose of learning and personal growth.

You can create beauty by extending your love, your inner light, outward to all of your surroundings. By sending out positive vibrations, you will begin to see the light you extend outward reflected back to you.

Consider this. An interaction causes you emotional pain or physical pain. You can focus on that pain and allow yourself to spiral into darkness. Or you can wrap that pain in loving light, thereby raising the vibration, allowing healing to occur. We talk not of miraculous recoveries. Though while possible, they are dependent on the personal lessons you are to learn or teach. Remember that this physical existence is meant to be experiential.

Think of how you approach your life. Is it with worry or dread? Or is it with peace in your heart and your mind? Remember that much of how you approach your life is just by habit. You fall into a way of being that becomes comfortable to you, a default mode of being that occurs without your conscious effort. You have become accustomed to moving through your world this way.

Can you awaken from this fog and realize the power you have to change the illusion which you have created in your life? Can you instead use love and compassion in every moment of your being? We understand that within you is a wounded self who often rises in times of stress and unease. But can you acknowledge that wounded self and gently steer it to another way of being? In comforting that wounded self, can you move it to a higher vibration with the knowledge that you create your own illusions of being?

The truth of your existence is that you are love incarnate currently embodied in a physical form. The mind and the emotional self are very powerful .They can easily steer you down that path into darkness. But the heart, the love that resides within, is stronger.

Can you break through this illusion of negativity, worry, stress and fear and allow the higher vibration of love to begin to surround you and how you see your life? See in others a mirror of yourself, a being of light embodied for personal growth. Remember that there is light within all things. All things. And as you begin to shatter this negative illusion which you have created, the light will begin to show itself in everything that you see.

It is only a matter of dissolving this illusion of separateness and fear.

Remember that you are connected to all things.

You were created in love and are love incarnate, as is all of creation.

You are One With All of Thee.

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  1. insearchofitall
    May 24, 2015 @ 10:16:01

    When things start to feel stressful, I remind myself it’s all an illusion and how can I see this differently. It’s unfortunate that we sometimes slip back into fear. I guess that’s the human part.


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