Moving Forward with Grace

Walk slowly

Speak gently

Feel the peace within

Dear One, you all have it, grace. It fills your very soul and pours out in radiant beams from within you. For some of you it is blocked by your false belief that you are not worthy of this. You believe that to be filled with grace you must have saintly attributes. When in fact, it is a part of your divine make-up.

You have lived so long believing that you are not there yet, that you may never reach the heights you feel are necessary to walk with grace. We are here to tell you that you have already arrived at that point. You have always been there. It just has been difficult for you to see this through the film of fear that has surrounded you and this planet.

But as the alignment continues to occur, those dark shades of fear and uncertainty can more easily be pushed aside. We understand that there is still much occurring here on this plane that encourages the fear to rise within your belly. But remember that you are much more powerful than you have ever imagined. And if each and every one of you allows just a small portion of that power to emerge and join the masses, seen and unseen, can you understand how fear can be sent on its way?

Dear One, wake each morning knowing that you have the power to create your day; one of joy or one of fear. Take a few deep breaths and surround yourself with a blanket of joy and love. It is always available to you. It is always within your reach. Imagine sparkling particles of light filling each of your cells; dancing with joy. How can you not smile with an image such as this?

You, Dear One, you are indeed filled with grace and love. No matter what you have said or done in the past. It matters not, for the present is here. The present is now. And the present is where you can take action. Walk slowly, speak gently and allow your light to shine. It is a very simple process. But one that many of you have been away from for so long, you have forgotten. You have forgotten the simple joy of being a child, the innocence, the grace, the joy of it all.

But there is no reason that you cannot return to that state of being. Begin today. Like changing any old habit, it takes time and effort in the beginning before it becomes an unconscious way of being. And the difference today is that you have more support than ever before. For all is shifting within the universe, from this plane upward to others. And we say upward in reference to the vibrational frequencies of the different planes in existence.  Remember that you are a part of this whole and your actions affect the whole. That also means that the actions of others who are striving to shine their light is also affecting you and helping you.

Dear One, stop and take a breath. Know that all is unfolding as it should, for you and for others.

Each of you is on your own journey to contribute something unique to the whole.

Do not compare your journey to that of another. All are important. All are necessary.

Find your pace, your rhythm that best serves you on your personal journey.

And love, yourself and all who cross your path.

Remember that fear recoils from love. Banish fear by sharing your love with all.

You may not yet realize who you are, but we do. And we are in celebration for the awakening that is occurring at this very moment here upon your plane.

Feel our love for you.

Feel our joy because of you.

One with all of thee.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Apr 19, 2015 @ 09:36:19

    Thank you for the reminder. So many feed us a steady diet of fear making the the body ache from it. Some days it feels almost like I’m putting my head in the sand so I don’t have to see what they are creating for themselves and not wanting to see their reality as my own. You help me stay the course.


  2. Brent
    Apr 21, 2015 @ 09:15:52

    Fear and not understanding the light and power we have can be so debilitating. I love the image of sparkling particles of light. Thanks!


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