Thy Wounded Self

Wounded heart flower:

Wounded heart flower:

Be gentle with thyself

Feel our warm embrace

Surrounding you with love

Dear One, as you continue on your journey back to the Source, there are parts of you which still need much nurturing and attention. These are the remnants of your wounded self, those parts of you not yet healed from past hurts. As you continue to grow on your path, these parts of your self will require more nurturing, more loving embraces before they can be healed.

Remember, it is through these wounds that your light can shine. Though still tender from memories of past hurts, these wounds are healing as you continue to grow. You may have realized that some of your actions, your thoughts are a result of your wounded self still holding on to fear of past events. Do not chastise yourself. Do not try to push them back and move forward despite this part of yourself that needs attention.

Instead embrace that wounded part of yourself, comfort it and talk to it. Write this wounded self a love letter to help release the fears of not being loveable, the perception of not being loved. For the fear of your wounded self is only the perception of a lack of love.

We have given you meditations to help heal that wounded self, using lucid dreaming, or going back to those younger selves and embracing them as the adult that you are now. But there still can be residue that remains. And with the changes in vibration, with the new alignments occurring at this time, old wounds might surface which you thought were gone. Be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself as these arise. For your personal growth is a process .It takes time and often many passes over the same wounds until they are completely healed.

If you find yourself thinking in a negative way or acting in a negative way, find self-love rather than self-judgment as you review your day. Do not think that you are not moving forward fast enough, for you are. You are moving forward at exactly the right speed. This is not a time to expect immediate gratification, for this path is often filled with stones or side-trails.

Understand that your realization of any negative thoughts or actions is a step forward. In the past you may not have even noticed them. You may not have realized how they are connected to fear. In order to continue with the alignment that is occurring, you will come upon these stones, these side paths more often. See this as progress in your self-awareness. Nurture yourself with loving kindness and send love to those negative thoughts. Reflect upon those negative actions with compassion. Every time you do this, a little bit more of your wounded self will heal. It is a process, Dear one.

Walk in love. Walk with compassion for yourself. Applaud yourself for getting to this point. There is strength behind those wounds and that is what will emerge as they begin to heal.

Wrap yourself in love as we do.

Banish any self-judgment for we do not judge you.

Allow the light to begin to shine through those wounds. It is possible.

Dear one, no matter what you think, you have come so very far.

And you will continue to move forward.

You have the love of the Universe urging you forward.

You are a wondrous being, brave and strong and filled with light.

See that light shine forth and watch the healing continue.

You are most definitely on your way.

You are One With All of Thee.


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