A Song of Love for Thee

Today we sing to thee

A song of love eternal

So that your light will shine

As bright as the stars above

Dear One, your light is seen from above as we look down upon thee. We can recognize each and every one of you by the brightness of your light. Each of you has your own signature glow. Sometimes it may flutter, sometimes it will shine brightly. No matter the intensity of your light, we can always find you because of how you shine.

We know that there are times when you feel that your flame is going out, as it flutters with indecision or pain. But it can never be extinguished, this light of yours, for it is the very make-up of your being. It is what connects you to us. It is who you are. No matter how much pain or sorrow you experience in this human condition, your light will always shine. Always.

Remember that pain and sorrow are part of the journey that you have partaken here upon this physical plane. These emotions are temporary, as your existence here upon this plane is temporary. Can you acknowledge them, embrace these emotions and understand that they are there for a reason? To teach you. And as you learn, you teach us, the entirety of existence learns because of your journey here upon this plane.

Do not turn away from these emotions. Instead look them in the eye, thank them for their lesson and ask them what the lesson is that they are teaching you. For remember, you must die many deaths before you reach the heights for which you strive. And in each of these deaths, a part of your Ego is dissolved and released, no longer needed by you in your forward movement on your path.

If there were no challenges, you would not learn. You would have no reason for being here on this earthly plane. Can you thank those emotions for arising and teaching you another facet of who you are? Are you able to re-focus your perspective to see your life from another viewpoint? For as you grow in your self-awareness, your perspective on your life will change. This is necessary for the lessons to continue in your earthly life.

Hear the song that we sing to you, a love song, for you are loved dearly. Especially at those times when you feel alone and unsure of where to place you next step, listen for our love song to you. We sing it joyously, continuously, across the entirety of existence, so that you may hear it, if only in your sub-conscious.

Dear one, remember who you are. You are not this dense body whose entire existence is only on this physical plane. You are a being of lightness and joy who moves freely between dimensions and beyond. It is just for now that you are anchored here to this physical plane. There is another part of you that is free but your conscious mind is not yet able to bring that into focus for you.

You are multi-faceted. You are multi-dimensional. You are wondrous beyond measure.

Believe us when we tell you this. And hear our song for thee as its sweet melody floats across dimensions, across infinity, to reach you here. To reach you now.

Listen, not with your ears, but with your heart.

For the love song we sing to thee.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 18:19:34

    Thanks again for the reminder. Always love to read these.


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