Believe in yourself

Believe in the unfolding of your life

Trust your instincts and love

Dear one, as the awakening continues here upon this plane you may be presented with situations that cause you doubt and pain. Understand that this is just a part of the learning process for you. This is a piece of the knowledge that you came here to gather.

Remember that this is a learning ground for you. Remember that you are in reality a being of light and love. Remember that the human existence is only a temporary state of being; for self-discovery and personal growth to be shared with the All.

Pain and trauma can affect your life long after it has occurred. Forgiveness is key. Compassion is key. Self-love is key. For no matter the situation, you have the power to change it as you create your own world. Being in this physical body, you forget your ability to create a different outcome, for situations past and future.

Dear one, for situations that occurred in your past, position yourself in a safe place, review the scenario and change the ending to one that is more positive, more loving. Show compassion for yourself and the others involved. From compassion comes love and forgiveness.

You are all wounded souls. This human existence with its feeling of separation and alone-ness can cause much pain and confusion. But it is through these wounds that the light can permeate. The healing light from within and above can enter and exit through these wounds that you have amassed on this physical journey. And once this occurs, the healing can begin.

Allow the light to shine on those parts that feel so much pain. Feel the comfort of the loving embrace of the All gently holding you in these times of need; in these times of doubt. Allow the grace of the All to envelope you and lift you up.

For situations that have not yet occurred, send positive energy into them. Anticipate not with fear, but with love any situations that cause you worry and self-doubt. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are not alone. Understand that this world you see is only an illusion. Accept the truth that you have the ability to create a world of peace, of love, of joy for yourself.

If you approach your life with love; your interactions with only pure intent, then you are walking in tandem with your higher self. And if you stumble, we are here to help you back up, to brush you off and set you back upon your feet once again.

Dear one, if you never stumbled, you would not learn. If you never stumbled, you would have no need to be in this human existence any longer. If you never stumbled, you would not have the opportunity for practicing self-love with compassion and forgiveness for all.

Do not doubt yourself and who you are. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. And you will be given many opportunities for growth. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to others. Understand that your capacity to love is limitless; for that is your makeup.

Dear one, wipe your tears and allow us to comfort Thee.

Dear one, acknowledge the emotions as they emerge for they serve a purpose in your life.

Dear one, you can do this, for you are never alone.

You are One With All of Thee.



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