What of Love?

How do you love?

With your body? With your mind?

With your heart?

Dear one, there are many ways to love here upon this physical plane. There is the physical love shared between those in partnership. There is the sensuous love, of music, of taste, of beauty that surrounds you. There is intellectual love; just the idea of a situation can bring a smile to your face. These are all forms of love experienced within the physical world.

There is also the love that comes from your heart; the love that transcends dimensions and realms. This is the love of All That Is. The love that is unconditional, for it is unbiased, unshaken, and a part of who you really are. This is the love of which we speak today, for it exists within every soul, every part of creation. This love is the purest form, with the highest vibration of all the forms mentioned.

That is not to say that these other forms of love are not worthwhile, for they are indeed a part of the human existence. They are some of the many gifts given to you here upon this physical plane. So please do not discount them as unnecessary or unneeded. They can be both.

Unconditional love is the love that connects you to the All and to every source of life here upon this plane and beyond. Unconditional love is a part of your make-up and what you feel when you sit to meditate or pray. It is never-ending, unlimited and of a much higher vibration. The more you become accustomed to this way of being, the higher the vibration of this kind of love will be for you.

For this is what you strive for, every one of you. There is a remembrance within each and every one of you of being surrounded by this love at another time, a time prior to this incarnation.

As the energetic vibration of this plane continues to rise, more of you will yearn to be held and surrounded by this unconditional love. For it is the purest kind of love. It is the love that comes from the Source. It is the love that created you and flows to you through your connection to the All.

As you continue to awaken, you will become more aware of this love in your life. You will begin to realize that this Universal Love permeates all of creation. You will understand that this type of love fulfills you in a way that no other kind of love can.

You are a complex being, Dear one, with a foot in both worlds; the physical and the non-physical. You have been this way all of your existence in this incarnation. But many are just becoming aware of this duality as they begin their awakening.

Do not judge this physical life and all of its nuances. There is a purpose in your existence here upon this physical plane. But as you awaken more, you will begin to distinguish spiritual reality from physical illusion.

Enjoy and embrace all forms of love available to you. But do not confuse these physical forms of love with the unconditional love that is the very makeup of all of creation. When we say that ‘all is love’, we are talking about this unconditional love which surrounds you and fills your very being.

You are one with the Source. You have been given the opportunity to experience many forms of love here upon this physical plane. But remember who you really are and how you are loved by the Source. Any love that has conditions attached to it is a love experienced only upon this physical plane. Do not confuse that with Universal Love.

Be at peace with who you are. These physical types of love may come and go in your life.

But remember that you are always loved unconditionally.

It surrounds your very being.


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