Worry Not

Worry not about your future

Worry not about your past

Be present in the now and smile

Dear One, the only reality for you is the present, what is happening right at this moment. The past is gone, the future has not yet occurred. Worry not about either of these time points. For your actions in the present can change what happened before and what is yet to be. You have that power, to change your life. But you must be present in the current moment in order to do so.

Worry not about the past, for you have the power to change your attitude, your vibrational attachment to what occurred.  You have the power to change it from a negative to a positive attachment by surrounding it in light. Can you remember past occurrences by reviewing them from a different perspective, without judgment, only with compassion for all concerned? Remember that you have the power to create your world at any point in time.

Worry not about the future, for you have the power to create a wondrous future of positive happenings. The key to doing so is to be present in the now. Walk in love, with non-judgment and only compassion. By doing so you will be raising your vibrational energy to a higher frequency and like attracts like. As you walk in this higher frequency you will attract more positive outcomes to anything that comes your way. By doing so, you will help to raise the vibrational energies of those around you. They will feel it, and will act accordingly. Your world is changing and it is because of you. Because enough of you have begun to remember who you are, your world is beginning to change.

Worry not about the fear that many are attempting to generate across your land.  Counter that fear by wrapping it in love. For fear will eventually collapse within itself due to the presence of so much light surrounding it. Fear does not like being in the light, as it prefers the dark corners of your mind where it can quietly disarm you. By wrapping it in light and love, you will help to disarm fear itself. You have the power to do so. You can do this and will do this. Although it may not appear this way to you at this time, fear is beginning to crumble and is fighting for its life.

Walk in love, dear one. Walk in love. Raise your sword of light and carry it with you everywhere you go. Again we say, you are more powerful than you ever imagined. For you are a part of the Source with the strength of the All at your fingertips.

To those who still doubt, we say this. Just try it for a day. When someone sends you negative energy in words or deeds, counter it with a loving smile, with a loving thought. And see how they respond. Do not allow yourself to engage in a negative interaction, for that just feeds fear and negativity and gives it more strength. Disarm it with love. Wrap it in light and walk away. And see how your day progresses.

You are love incarnate.

You are capable of dissolving fear into nothingness.

You have more strength than you realize.

Stand tall in your light.

Walk gently in love.

And change your life.

Change the world.

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