You are not alone

You have never been alone

And you have more strength, more courage than you realize


Dear one, you are one of the courageous souls who chose to come here to this plane at this time. You chose to come to help, to witness the shift in consciousness that is now beginning to occur here.

Not only do you have our support and love, realize that you have the strength, the courage to be supportive of others who are just awakening to who they really are.

The shift is occurring and there is much rejoicing that this planet is moving forward to a place that is greater, more beautiful than any of you have envisioned. Unbeknownst to many of you, we have been here throughout time helping you, supporting you when you felt that you were at an impasse. We have been here for you when you did not have the energy to even raise your foot to take another step. And we shall continue to be here for you throughout the coming days.

Can you, can you envision a world of streaming light, not only from above, but from within? You, you are the reason that your world is at this juncture, that it has turned the corner and will continue to move forward into the light. Be not fearful of the darkness that is trying to take control, for it will not succeed. Though it will try very hard to turn back the clock to darker days. Know, please know, that in spite of how things may appear at this very moment, that light and love will prevail over all.

You, Dear one, are the champion who in tandem with our efforts, have been courageous enough to shine your light and love in tumultuous times. You Dear one, have chosen love over fear. You have chosen to see who you really are and how you are connected to the Oneness with all of the knowledge and strength than comes with that connection. Dear one, do not waiver now as you are gaining more strength every day.

Send love out into the world, not fear. Understand that all who are present on this planet come from the same Source ,from where you came and will return as you also will return. Wrap these lost souls in light, not fear, not anger. Do not feed the fire, but douse it instead with love. You have our support in doing this and we shall continue to walk alongside of you.

Remember that you are a being of light; you are here only temporarily to teach, to learn, to experience. Your true nature is one of light and though there seem to be many who have lost their way and forgotten that, there are enough of you who have awakened to shine the beacon of light upon this world. So that it can continue in its forward movement. Do not despair, do not feel that you are alone. Remember that we are here supporting you. Call upon us and we will proudly and gratefully lend a helping hand.

You are the true beacon of light that will illuminate the path back to the Source.

Be who you really are.

Shine your light, share your love

And change the world.

You have already done so much!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 11:47:24

    Celine, there are some days when the messages feel like they were written especially for me. This is one of those days… thank you… all… 🙂


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Jan 17, 2015 @ 16:53:04

      I know exactly what you mean, Deborah. It seems to me that the last few posts I’ve done have been more encouraging and supportive. I think we’re all feeling the changes and they want us to understand that these are GOOD changes….if we can get past the day to day challenges.


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