Are you ready?

Can you trust?

Do you understand the love that surrounds you?

Dear one, changes are occurring every day and will continue to increase in your new year.  There is no reason to fear these changes, for they are good, they are great.  These changes have been anticipated for a very long time.  And there is joy in anticipation for the growth we see coming to you on your physical plane.

What can you do? Just allow. Be of peace and love throughout your life. No matter what comes your way.  And understand that we are here to help you, to comfort you, to support you whenever you call to us.  For remember, that we cannot intercede without your permission.  And so we stand in the wings waiting for your call.

The vibrations of this plane are increasing and with that may come some discomfort for some. But can you trust the process? Can you allow your life to unfold as it has been written?  You came to this physical plane with certain goals in mind.  You came to learn or to teach certain lessons during your life here upon this plane. Trust, dear one, that all is well with thee.  Trust, dear one, that you have not been forgotten.  Trust, dear one, that you are loved greatly and held in much gratitude for choosing to come here for this time of change.

What can you do? Begin each day with a few deep relaxing breaths, with gratitude for the wondrous day ahead of you, with blessings for all who cross your path. As you move through your day, feel your feet upon the ground, being supported by the Mother and if necessary, send any negative thoughts down to her through the soles of your feet.  End each day by connecting with those you love.  Bless them and wrap them in your light. For yes, you do shine brightly, and have an unending source of love within you.

Dear one, contribute love and not fear to this world that is coming into its next phase of growth. It is happening because enough of you have heard the call and are walking in love. Continue to shine, for though you do not see it, we do; shining beacons of light all around your globe.

Be at peace and remember us here by your side, ready to lend you a supportive hand, ready to catch you if you stumble, ready to show you the way. For you, you are the cornerstone of change in this world. You have the strength, the power, the courage to change this world. And remember that with change often comes a period of uncertainty. But we are here for you and can see with loving hearts the wondrous outcome of these times.

Dear one, be with those you love and extend that love out to those you have not even met in this world. The power of this love is far greater than you can ever imagine.

Shine your light and change the world.

For you are good, you are great.

You are One With All of Thee.

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