Joy is your inherent right
Joy is a part of your true nature
Joy surrounds you every moment of your day.

Dear one, open your eyes, your heart, your awareness to the joy that surrounds you every moment of your day. For it is there. It is right in front of you and yet you often are blind to its presence in your life. Take not for granted the gifts that you have lying before you as you walk your path. For they are there, helping to guide your way. Can you find the skip in your step, the song on your lips, the twinkle in your eye? Can you smile as you read these words?

When you were a child you could see more clearly the magic that surrounded you. Part of this was in the discovery of new things in your life, new experiences, new delights not yet experienced. As you have aged, you have forgotten about the joy that surrounds you in your daily life. It still exists everywhere you look. You just have turned a blind eye to it as you have been told that there are more important things to do, for now you are an adult. Now you must be serious and take action.

Dear one, one of the many gifts of this earthly experience is to feel the joy of a physical realm. No matter what happens, the sun and moon still rise in their glorious beauty. The birds sing, the breeze caresses you, the earth supports you. We understand that many things are happening across your world which you cannot understand and feel that you must take action. For this we applaud you but consider this.

Does your action taken include harsh judgment against others? Have you forgotten that all are One despite what they do or say? Have you considered sending love to those who do not ‘walk in the light’? Can you do this in addition to or instead of the actions you, in your humanness, feel are the correct ones to take? Have you forgotten the power of combined consciousness? Have you forgotten the power of forgiveness?

Dear one, continue to walk in love and accept the joy in a simple act of kindness, the warmth of the sun on your face, the laughter of a child. We understand that your world is going through many changes which do not appear to be a forward movement. But do not allow these occurrences to cause you to take a step back from your own forward movement. Understand the power you have within that is released as you send loving kindness out to the world. Anger, outrage and judgment may rise within you as the actions of others are revealed to you. Allow these feelings their time. Then allow them to pass and replace them with lightness of being and joy. This is where your power lies.

Dear one, surround yourself and the world in love. Do this every day as you awaken and before you sleep. Can you begin and end your day with loving thoughts? Can you take this first step? Remember to reach back and offer your hand to those who are behind you on the path back to the Source. For by contributing love to the world, you can begin to change it. You already have changed it, although you do not see this. Change is possible and it begins with you. Use your power to shine light upon this world of yours.

Joy is possible, every day.
Joy is present, every day.
Share this joy and change the world.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. janetromsaas
    Dec 19, 2014 @ 15:26:24

    I needed this encouragement! Thank you!!


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