There is change in the air
Not only physical but ethereal
Fear not this change, but embrace it

Dear One, the change coming to this physical plane is now accelerating and you may begin to feel a difference within yet not know what it is. Be not afraid of what you are feeling or experiencing, for you are safe and protected and a part of this wondrous event.

There is now a critical mass of people who have been awakened in order for this change to take place. And the more who become awakened, the faster the acceleration will become. You are a part of this change and have helped it to come into being. By reading these writings on a regular basis, you yourself have begun to change, perhaps imperceptibly to yourself and others, but indeed you have begun to change. And this change is necessary for the universe to expand and grow as it is meant to do.

Just as you see the changes here upon the Mother with the different seasons, so that also occurs across the universal expanse. Nothing remains static, but everything, even if it goes unnoticed by many, everything changes. That is a part of growth. That is a part of existence. That is the natural order of things. And so, if you can accept the changes that come annually upon your planet, then you should be able to accept the changes that are occurring on a much larger scale across the entire existence of being.

What can you do to help this change take place smoothly? Be at one with all that is. Understand that you are never alone, but a part of a vast continuum of being that goes on into infinity. Send loving thoughts out to everyone and everything around you. For all things that you see, ALL THINGS, are made of love and can react to your positive or negative vibrations. For all are connected. You are connected to that rock, to that tree, to that person on the other side of the world whom you do not even know. You are connected and it is through this connection that the changes are enhanced. Be not afraid. Do not doubt the power, the ability that you have to make a positive difference in this world and beyond.

Focus not on the perceived lack of love around you. Instead send out loving thoughts to all.
Give no additional energy or recognition to fearful acts or thoughts within or around you. Instead wrap any and all of them in love and send them on their way.
Do not add to the worry, the destruction of any forward movement. Instead act with pure intent.

You can make a difference. You have already made a difference. You are a powerful being who has not yet accepted the gifts laid out before you. You are connected to the Source, the ever powerful Source. You are a part of this. Do not quiver in fear with feelings of unworthiness. For you are love incarnate and when you share that love, even for a moment, ripples of change spread out around you into infinity.

Be at peace with who you are. Travel with like-minded people who can teach and inspire you to allow your greatness to unfold. Do not doubt your strength, your resilience, your power of love. For it is there. It has always been there and you will soon be called on to use it for the highest good. You can make a difference. You do make a difference. Every day with every breath you take.

Be at One.
Be at peace.
Rise up to your full stature and love with abandon.
It is time for change.


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  1. mochateaoh
    Nov 21, 2014 @ 00:22:18

    Interesting thoughts, and yes, critical mass is necessary for quantum change. I sense it is coming, but I’m not sure it’s “mass” is strong enough. The darkness is like a gathering storm. However, I believe it is sometimes necessary to experience the darkness in order to anticipate the light. Love is its elixir. Thanks for posting.


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