You are Not Alone

You are surrounded by love

You are supported by love

You are made of love

Dear One, the true nature of your being is love.  Many of you cannot accept this about yourself.  You feel unworthy. You feel alone. You feel you need to be perfect in order to accept this concept.  But this truth is being revealed to you for it is time to see yourself as you really are.  It is time to look past the wounds you carry; for they are stepping stones on your journey to self-awareness. These wounds allow you to help others who walk behind you, who need a helping hand to move forward.

There is a light shining brightly within you that is becoming brighter every day.  It is our goal to gently move you forward as you read these messages; to begin to chip away at that wall of self-judgment you have slowly built up around you.  Can you for just a moment allow it to crack open and allow the light to shine through?  You were not meant to be so harsh upon yourself, seeing your experiential lessons as failures rather than gifts.  Do you not yet understand that every move you make, every moment in your life is a forward movement, back to the Source of which you are a part?

If you were so worthless, why would you be surrounded by such loving beings eager to help you on your journey?  If you were so imperfect, why would you be given so much power and knowledge to use in your daily life?  You do not yet understand the power and knowledge available to you.  Know that you have grown enough, you are strong enough to be trusted with these gifts.  They have been available to you all along, yet the proper time was needed for you to be encouraged to use them.  And that time is now.

You, Dear One, are needed to move things forward, not only in your own life, but in the expansion of the entire Universe. You have already, unbeknownst to you; made significant changes to the outcome of this planet you call Earth.  And despite what you think, those changes are positive.  Yes, Mother Earth will shudder as she continues to grow, and that will affect many of her charges.  But the final outcome is positive.

Dear One, there are many possibilities in your own life, not yet taken by you.  Open yourself up to the limitless opportunities available to you. As you plan your day, do not limit what is possible with your humble expectations.  For in your human state, you have no concept of the infinite possibilities.  Instead, walk forward in faith, with no expectations, acting with pure intent.  Know that you are surrounded by a cushion of love that will support you if you stumble.  Give gratitude for all that you have, even if it is not yet in your possession.  And wrap all worries that you have in love.  Wrap them in love and see how that changes your world.  You have the power to do that, to diminish the charge on your worries and deem them impotent.

Live in the moment, a moment extraordinary in itself; surrounded by love, filled with love, shining brightly with love.  You may not yet be able to see it.  But we see it in you.  It has always been there, Dear One.  Seize your greatness and help to change the world.  You are on your way. That is why you chose to be here at this time.

Love yourself.

Love unconditionally all those around you.

Love others because you can, because that is all there is.

And allow your light to shine.


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