How much do you truly hear?
Are you able to connect with your higher self?
Can you trust enough to follow your intuition?

Dear One, you have a higher self who lives outside of this physical plane. It is connected to you through your intuition and guides you in this way. Your higher self has access to much knowledge that you in this physical plane cannot yet reach. But through your higher self, you have access to it. Can you begin to listen in those quiet times and trust what you hear?

We have told you many times that you are never alone because of the web of connection throughout the entire universe. The means in which you connect is through this part of yourself that sits outside of this physical world. For not all of you is embodied in this physical body here upon this plane. There is a cord of connection that is very strong and which can never be broken. But it is up to you to receive the messages given you by your higher self. It is up to you to allow the connection to remain clear and unfiltered.

You can do this by spending time in silence and stillness every day. It need not be more than five or ten minutes. But it is necessary in order for you to strengthen this connection on your end. For your higher self is strongly attached. It is you, at this physical end, who has not fully accessed this source of information and guidance.

Do not worry that you will lose this connection due to inactivity on your part. That is impossible. Because you do not use your left thumb often does not mean that it will suddenly fall off. It may just become a little stiff and rusty due to lack of use. It is the same with your higher self. Always connected, yet the more the connection is used, the easier it is to allow the information to flow.

And so, be still and listen to the voice that comes from your heart…..not your mind. For that is Ego talking in your mind. You inner voice, your higher self, speaks from your heart and so that is where you will find its guidance. And if you ask of yourself what should you do, how should you proceed…..listen to your heart. If you are not clear of the response, ask again. And if you require more clarification, ask again. The answer will always be the same.

But remember that you do have free will and you need not follow the guidance from your higher self. You will always be allowed to make your own choices, though situations may be created in your path to encourage you to follow guidance. And if you do not follow guidance, there will be a lesson there for you to learn. Not as punishment, but just as the natural progression of your life. For each and every one of you will have lessons to learn until the day you choose to transition from this physical plane.

For this reason, you might consider giving gratitude every day for having gentle lessons, for having a clear connection with your higher self and for having the courage to move forward in your life. For remember, by giving gratitude for already having rather than requesting help you change the energy from that of lack to that of abundance. This is very important to remember as the world continues to shift on its journey to expansion.

And remember, Dear One, that you are never abandoned, never punished, never judged. For this life here upon this physical plane is an experiential one. If you feel alone or depleted, give gratitude for the comfort and love that surrounds you. Give gratitude for the courage that flows through your veins. And give gratitude for the connection and guidance you receive and can hear every day.

It is time to begin to see your world differently.
Participate in creating your world, a world of abundance rather than lack.
Keep the connection open and listen.
The guidance will come in those quiet moments.
Sit, breathe, and listen.
That is all.


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