Let Go of Fear

It is only a habit
Formed generations ago
Now is the time to release it from your being

Dear One, you are allowing fear to hold you back. Think of the time and energy spent each day worrying about what happened, what could happen, questioning your abilities, your intuition. The time is now for you to begin to release the hold that fear has upon you. For it serves you not and it depletes energy that can be used for other, more productive purposes.

This is a time, we understand, that fear is being generated in many aspects of your life. Not only from internal, but also from external sources. But you have the strength, the resolve, to turn your back on those negative emotions and you have our help to do so.

It begins with trust, in yourself and in the universal flow of being. You are guided forward on your path to be in certain places at specific times; to meet certain people along the way; to be present during specific occurrences. If you follow your heart, if you trust your words, your intuition; if you walk with pure intent, then there is nothing about which to worry. You are loved and gently guided every moment of your day. Can you trust enough to just follow your heart in all aspects of your life?

Part of the task for you is to quiet your mind from all of those negative thoughts. They have a way of returning time after time when you thought you had banned them from your presence. But this is not a matter of force. It is a means of surrender. Acknowledge those negative thoughts that pop into your mind. Then tell them they are not welcome, that you will not engage with them and walk away. If this is too difficult for you then allow yourself a limited time each day to list all your worries on a piece of paper. Then destroy that piece of paper while surrounding it in light and love. Do this daily for a short period of time and see how that list begins to diminish over time.

This fear, this worry, Dear One, is a habit formed many generations ago at a time when you felt unable to change your life. But if you have been reading these writings then you are aware that you have much more power than that. And so, it is time to use that power, gently, with yourself and others, to erase fear and worry from your life. This will not happen overnight. As with any habit, it takes time to break it. But it is possible for you to do so. And if you call upon us, we shall help you, every day, in moving forward only in light and love.

Dear One, end your struggles and allow joy to replace that fear. Life here for you is experiential. It is a gift for you to experience a realm that many others have not had the opportunity to experience. When you find yourself slipping back into the worry, look around you and see the beauty of this world. Remember the joyful moments in your life. And walk away from that heaviness that weighs you down each day.

You were meant to fly, Dear One. Do not allow fear to clip your wings. Call on us and we shall help you. For now is a time when your shining light is needed. Now is the time for you to sing with joy and show others the way. You have the strength to do this, Dear One.

For you are One With All of Thee.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Otto von Münchow
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 04:23:14

    Nothing good comes out of fear, but it’s not always easy to let go, is it… Great post.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Oct 16, 2014 @ 07:44:55

      I completely agree, Otto. I’ve tried the exercise given in this post and found it to be helpful. Once I listed all my fears, I looked at them and thought, well, I can deal with this. Thank you so much for your comment.


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