The Power of Your Words

Do you understand the power of your words?
That your words create your world?
Can you create a positive outcome for your day?

Dear One, the words which you speak are very powerful. We have mentioned this before. As you put those ideas out into the ethers they travel far and begin to create your own reality. You do not yet understand the power of creation that resides within you.

Understand that speaking the thoughts that circle in your mind gives those thoughts additional power. You have added another energetic layer to them by speaking of them. And if they are negative, you have added to the negativity that surrounds you. You have added to the possibility of those words which were spoken to create your day, your world. For that reason, we ask you to be conscious of the words which you speak. They are powerful and hold much energy.

Your world has much fear in it and does not need more negativity and fear added to what already exists. We are asking you who read these words to help to change this negativity into a more positive existence by how you speak to others. This is a time when your positive energetic input is needed. And so we ask of you to speak softly, speak gently, speak lovingly to others and also to yourself. For this is a time when your gentle grace is needed. Do not doubt that you have that capacity within you, for each and every one of you is filled with this gentle grace, this loving energy, with the power to heal the world.

Begin with yourself and with those closest to you. Be gentle, be kind and be aware of how you approach your day. Connect with your higher self with deep breaths, by lifting your face to the warmth of the sun, by allowing water to caress your hand, your body and wash away any negativity. For water is very healing, and if you feel you need a boost, immerse yourself in water and see the worries, the negativity wash off of your body and back down into the Mother, who will transform it back to positivity.

Remember the connection that you have to the All. This is present every moment of your day. This connection cannot be broken. That is impossible. Realize that you cannot walk alone, for the web of connection surrounds you, envelops you and wraps you in love; even if you are unable to feel it at this time. You, Dear One, are just one breath from the lips of the Source, connected to all others in the same way. You, Dear One, have the power of the Source within you, the power of creation of your world. And so, create a more positive world. Worry not about the minor inconveniences in your daily life. Know that all is unfolding as it should. Your lessons lay before you on your path. It is up to you whether those lessons are gentle or more difficult. It is in your perspective.

You live in abundance, surrounded by beauty and light which flows from all things. This is the true reality of creation. But you have been given the power to see a world of your own creation. And so, begin to create a world of beauty and love. Begin walking softly amidst the chaos. Begin using your gentle grace in the words you speak. And see how your world, your own creation changes.

The power lies within you.
Use it wisely, Dear one.
It is time for you to change your world.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insearchofitall
    Oct 05, 2014 @ 14:21:53

    Oh so true. That is why I work hard to speak only of abundance and gratitude. Add the written word to the spoken word and you veritably seal your fate. I avoid the news because I know it is designed to keep us in fear not love. I’ve had this similar information for awhile, but we need constant reminders like this post to stay the course when the winds of popular opinion want to blow us out of our peaceful place.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Oct 05, 2014 @ 20:50:50

      I’m glad that you found this post helpful. I agree that even though we often know these things to be true, it is nice to be reminded of them and in such a gentle way. Yes, good news doesn’t sell and so there is an abundance of fear out there. Keep up the faith and help to spread the light wherever you may be. And thank you for your comment.


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