What if?

What if you chose love over fear every day?
What if you chose to ignore those little inconveniences every day?
What if you walked instead with joy and love in your heart every day?

Dear One, you have the power to change your world, every day. It is your choice as to how you walk through your day, in a positive fashion or in a negative fashion. It is your choice as to how long you will repeat your story over and over in your head. Either making yourself victim or hero. The truth is that if you live every moment in the present, trusting the unfolding of your journey, your life will be easier for you. Can you trust the process of your life? Can you trust that you are exactly where you should be? Can you trust that the people who walk through your life have lessons to teach you or to learn from you?

The web of connection is vast and covers the entire universe. Your life at this very moment contributes to the growth, the expansion of the universe. Your life will continue to unfold as it should. The choice for you is how you will approach this unfoldment. Can you, dear one, lay down the negativity, the resentment, the hurt and embrace the light and love that surrounds you? For indeed you are surrounded by light and love every step of your journey. But when you focus on the negative and nurse the wounds by repeating your story over and over, you are unable to accept the light that is offered to you every moment of your day.

We understand that there are times when you must review what has happened in order to make a decision of your next move. This helps with your personal growth. What we are encouraging you to do is not to hold on to that story longer than is necessary to learn your lesson from it. For by repeating your story over and over again, you feed your Ego as you create an archetype that you feel best suits you.

If you feel you have acted inappropriately towards someone, then forgive yourself and if possible ask that person for forgiveness. This can be done on the astral level and need not always be done in the flesh. If someone has acted inappropriately towards you, forgive them. Try to understand the place from where they are coming. Learn the lesson and move on. You need not interact with them again, but walk away with forgiveness and peace in your heart. For each and every one of you have past experiences which often mold the way you interact in the present.

Come from your heart in all interactions. For that is where your strength lies. And that is where you connect with the All. Give gratitude for the lesson and move forward. Do not add that interaction to your storyline, but release it and let it go. And see how much lighter your step is as you do this.

Dear one, make no comparison with others, for you do not know from where they have come. No judgments, only light and love. It can be done with a bit of practice and you will find that what you attract will be more light and love. For like attracts like. Be the shining star that you are and laugh more, sing more, dance more. And soon, it will become second nature to you. You will no longer travel down the dark passages where your ego leads you.

The power lies with you. Endless power which you have within you. Take a chance and try another way of living your life. And do not judge yourself if you falter at first. This is the way for you to learn and grow. Take nothing so seriously that you cannot allow your inner light to illuminate it in love.

For you are light
You are love
You are joy incarnate.
Reclaim who you truly are and see how your life changes.


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  1. insearchofitall
    Oct 06, 2014 @ 22:40:17

    I had to come back here to thank you for following my blog. Mine is not helpful as is yours. Thank you again. And I’m choosing my words more carefully now. Even in my thinking.


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