What do you see?

What do you see as you look through the windows of your eyes?
Do you see beauty all around you or do you see only the same mundane world?
Can you look a little longer, a little deeper, past what you expect to see?

Dear Ones, if you look without any expectations, you begin to see things as they really are. You begin to see the beauty in around you. Where you are, what you have and the subtle changes occurring daily in your life. If you change your daily route, your daily routine, you will begin once again to participate in your life.

For as long as you do the same things in the same fashion day after day, your body moves like an automaton, without thinking, without feeling, without seeing or noticing anything that is going on around it. It is just a habit, to be repeated every day in the same fashion as the previous day. No wonder you feel nothing, see nothing.

When you change the way you move through your day, you engage your entire being. Since you have not done it this way before, you pay more attention to what you are doing, to where you are going. And in that fashion, you will begin to see what is surrounding you and wonder ‘why have I not seen that before?’ The truth is that is has most likely always been there, but your blinders have prevented you from seeing them.

Instead of staying inside that mind of yours living in the past, planning for the future, try to extend yourself outside of yourself and see, really see, what is happening around you. This is the first step in starting to live your life and breathing in the richness of what surrounds you every day.

Beauty surrounds you. Love surrounds you. The world is actively moving forward around you; through the seasons of each year, through the give and take of others in their interactions. If you begin to be present, really present, in your life every day…..you will begin to see the questions in another’s eyes, the love expressed in ways other than words, the joyful living of others who are being experiential in their days.

Try, for today, to change your routine. Change your way of moving through the world. Yes, it is easier to do things the same way every day, for you feel that you will accomplish more this way. But with that may come the lack of engagement, the lack of joy, the lack of being present in the moment, in the now.

Your lifespan here is limited. There is so much to see. There is so much diversity around you. What are you missing by going through your days with blinders on, just so that you have time to do more of the same, wearing those same blinders?

Take a chance and open yourself up to the many possibilities in your life. See what surrounds you every day. Breathe and with each breath, move yourself from inside of your mind, out into the world around you. And see how much you have missed. The time is now to change. Begin today and embrace your world


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