One With All

You are never alone
You have never been alone
That is impossible.

Dear One, the truth is that you are a part of a continuum that stretches to infinity. Your connection is with all things. All things; animal, mineral, plant, spirit. Being in your current state within a human body creates the illusion of separateness. But that is only an illusion. You are One With All.

This means that your every thought, action, word is heard across the continuum and has an effect on the entire universal being. Be not judgmental against yourself for your actions that were not of pure intent. For this earthly plane is a learning ground. And there are checks and balances set up to help disperse the negativity that has come forth from this plane. But we want you to understand that any prayer, any call for help is always heard and acknowledged. You are not alone on this journey and your calls for help will be answered, though not always in the way you might imagine.

Dear One, the time is now to begin a new practice in your life. Do not limit the possibilities in your calls for help. Do not be so specific that you do not allow for possible solutions that you never even imagined. For what you can do is broader, more powerful, greater than you have allowed yourself to believe.

Choose your words more carefully with a more positive tone. Speak of what you can and will do rather than what you cannot or will not do. The universe rotates in a positive direction and so the statements that begin with, “I will not do…….” are not as powerful as the statements that begin with, “I will do….” This is just a habit that you have formed over the years and can be easily changed. What you do not yet understand is the power in making that minor adjustment to your words.

Dear One, know that where you are at this very moment is exactly where you should be; where you are needed at exactly this time. As we have said before, the web of connection is so vast, you may never understand why you are in this exact place at this exact time. But have the faith that it is where you are to be. The interactions that you have are meant to be at that precise moment in time. The control that you have is in the tone of the interactions, be they positive or negative. That is your choice and part of your journey.

Remember that there is no time in reality. What this means is that prior to a future interaction, you can begin to change the energetic vibration of that interaction by setting the tone in your mind, in your body, in your own vibration. You have the power to do this. By doing so, you are preparing yourself and the situation in a positive way that will help to create a more positive interaction. The power is yours, Dear One. The power has always been yours. For you are a divine being, created from the Divine as you now co-create with the Divine around you. Do not feel unworthy of this state of being. For this is who you truly are.

Love surrounds you, envelopes you, fills your entire being. It is all that is. And so, allow that love to emanate from every pore of your physical body. Allow the light of it to shine. For this is who you truly are. And if you find yourself slipping back into the illusion of lack of love in your life, then allow it to pour into you from all around you. And feel the light lift you up and put you back, once again, on your feet.

Free yourself of the illusion of separateness.
Understand that the streaming you do as your body sleeps also continues during the time when it is awake. It is just that the mind gets in the way and does not always allow the process to unfold.

Be at peace, Dear One, with who you are.
For you ARE One With All of Thee.


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