Do you understand the power you have?
Do you see how you walk in strength?
Do you know that your own fear makes you vulnerable?

Dear One, you are only as vulnerable as the amount of fear that lives within you. Opening up your heart to others shows more strength than you ever imagined you had. And that strength shall carry you forward as you begin to share your true essence with those around you.

The fear you hold around yourself builds a shield of protection against your perceived attacks from others. Be it in the form of personal love, physical love, emotional love, the truth is that your fear compromises the internal strength which resides within you.

In your human mind, you have created scenarios which you believe can hurt you if you share your love with others. What you do not understand is that love, the internal love of which you are made, is much stronger than the fear which you have empowered in your mind.

Love is strength. Love is all that is. And fear has succeeded in creating the illusion that it is more powerful than love. It has puffed itself up to appear larger and stronger than it is. For in reality, fear is no match for the love that resides within each and every one of you. The strength of your true nature, as a loving being, can dissipate the fear with a single breath. It is only in your mind that you have fed your fears and allowed them to become so powerful in your life.

Can you understand that you have the power? Can you begin to realize that you can walk tall and strong, surrounded by your internal source of love? This is your true make-up, and the source of this love is bottomless, limitless. It is only in your human mind that you have given such power to the fear which you have allowed to immobilize you. Fear is nothing. Fear is weak. Fear is an illusion. Love is all that is. Raise your sword of light and shine it brightly and see how fear will slink away.

You have the power and that power is love. You have always had that power, but have not considered it to be a part of your make-up. The time is now for each and every one of you to allow that love, that internal power, to rise within and banish the illusion with which you have lived until now. You are strong enough to do this. You have the power of love. Within and around you. For as you have been awakening, so has your connection to your true nature been strengthened. And it is from this connection that you can draw this love, this power that is you.

Understand that true power, true strength lies with love and not fear. Consider walking in love and see how it begins to change your life and the lives of those around you. Dear One, it is now time for you to understand who you really are. Know this. Feel this within your heart. And walk tall knowing the power of love that supports you in your every step, with your every breath.

You are One with All in love.


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