Be free of worry and judgment
Allow your inner light to shine
Be who you really are
An entity filled with grace

Dear One, you are a Divine being who walks this plane in a temporary state. And many of you have not yet realized the true essence of your being. Rather than trod heavily through your day, you are capable of gliding with ease and grace. All it takes is emanating the love from within; your true state of being.

This world of yours has many challenges and detours and it is easy to forget the reality of who you are. Getting through your day can be a long and burdensome path as you trod heavily with each step you take. But you can so easily glide through your day, with a lightness of being that is effortless. Which would you choose?

If you allow the love to flow within and without, surrounding yourself in light, allowing your inner glow to burst forth through your every pore, each step you take will be effortless. You will float on a sea of light and love. Heaviness does not become you. Heaviness is no longer serving you. Heaviness is only an illusion of your physical mind. Those thoughts that you harbor and churn over again and again can begin to weigh you down. They cause your gait, your posture, to slow, to shrink under the burden that you carry.

Release yourself from those chains of worry and heaviness. And remember that the only moment that exists is the moment of now. And in this moment, are you not breathing, are you not alive with the power to change your world? In this moment, are you not connected to the All, with the knowledge of the universe available to you; with the love and support of the All surrounding you? In this moment, all is well with thee.

In reality, in every moment of your life, all is well. Every moment is a sacred moment. Every breath is a sacred breath, inhaling and exhaling love and life. Can you see each moment this way, as a sacred gift? Can you take that one step further and see that every interaction is a sacred interaction between divine beings? For every one you meet is also a divine being and all that surrounds you is divine.

Can you step away from that ego driven sight and see, truly see, what lays before you? Divinity in all that you see, all that you touch. Everywhere. And it begins with you. Each and every one of you is filled with grace, fueled by the love of your true make-up. Ponder upon that for just a moment and see if it does not change your perspective. Divine beings in a divine world; interacting by exchanging their light with each other. Whether or not you can see this, it is the reality of your every day.

Can you begin to see your world, yourself, as we see you? If you shift your perspective, you will understand how effortless it is to glide through your day. And the heaviness which weighs you down will fall away. For it cannot stick to the endless light that flows from within you.

You are a Divine being surrounded by divinity.
Now does that not make you want to dance?


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