Increasing Your Awareness

Have you been noticing more?
Have you been feeling more?
Have you been knowing more?

Dear One, as the veil continues to thin between worlds, those of you who are more sensitive shall begin to notice more of what is going on around you. There is nothing to fear in this. It just means that for the ones who are more open, more of the unseen world will become apparent to them. Worry not for this will be a gradual change for you. But it will be noticeable and soon you will become accustomed to this new way of being in your daily life.

The physical plane is slowly beginning to merge with the other realms around it. For this reason, your thoughts, your words, your actions will have a greater effect on your surroundings. Be aware of what you are putting out into the world. Remember that many others may subconsciously feel a change but will not know how to accept it. Worry not and help each other during this transitional time with compassion and love.

Understand, Dear One, that you are an entity of love. We know that you do not think of yourself in this way. But this is who you truly are. Can you begin to understand that the physical form in which you exist is just a shell, a temporary housing that allows you to exist in this physical plane? If you could see, truly see, the true nature of all beings around you, what you would see is light. Light moving within and around all objects, alive and inert by your physical standards. There is a brilliance that abounds within and around you that you are yet unable to see, but for brief moments in time. There will come a day for each and every one of you when you will be more aware of this light energy of all beings. But for now, just contemplate upon this truth. Sit with it and go on with your life.

If you could see, you would be aware of the light within intensifying in the presence of someone you love. You would see the way a smile sparkles and how a laugh sends dancing waves of light out from the source. You would see the calm, steady glow of one who is at peace and the chaotic flashes of one who is agitated. You already feel these differences either consciously or unconsciously. And now, for some of you, the sight of this will begin to occur. Slowly, gently, so as not to concern you.

This light glows around the food you eat, from the plants and animals around you. Before you choose a meal, try to feel the nourishment or lack thereof in that food before you. Try to sense the nature of the light emanating from what surrounds you. Look with your eyes opened. See with your eyes closed. Just become aware and be not afraid of this new way of seeing. For it is just another step forward upon your path, your journey of re-awakening to your true nature.

Throughout this process, remember to ask for help if you feel the need for it. Consider toning and watch for any differences in what you see. It is all happening around you. And it begins with compassion and love sent forth from you. Be the source of that light whenever possible. For your brilliance is greater than you could ever imagine.

Dear One, shine with all of your being.
Love as much as you can.
And begin by loving yourself for who you truly are.
Connected in light and love with all of existence.
And if some days you cannot find that love within.
Then accept if from your surroundings which offer it freely.
Be open and receptive.
And know that you are never alone.


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