The Time is Now

No more waiting
No more hesitation.
Believe in Yourself, you are ready NOW

Dear One, discard any feelings of inadequacy or fear, for you have reached the entrance to your new path. This journey will take you to heights unknown to you before this time. And the heavens are rejoicing. This is a time which has been spoken of in past writings, ancient writings in your time.

The time is NOW and you are ready. Do not doubt that and do not hesitate to take that leap of faith in yourself, in others, in the absolute beauty of the world that surrounds you. Can you see the beauty, can you feel the joy, can you use the strength that you have, that you always have had, to overcome any remaining doubts in your mind. You are ready. You are ready now. And we ask you to take a chance, open your heart, spread your wings and soar!!!!

What we mean by this in practical terms is to trust your intuition, be aware of the synchronicities in your life, and allow the love that is within you to rise up and encompass your entire being. For you, YOU, are a being of love, riding on a blanket of love, glowing from your internal flame of light and love. Accept these truths about yourself. Do not allow Ego to question this. For indeed, this is truth for each and every one of you.

Sit, breathe and allow the joy of this truth to fill your every pore. And see how the smile begins to form as the knowledge of this settles into your entire being. Dear One, hear the universal song playing sweetly and loudly in honor of your awakening. For you have come far enough to walk in this knowledge. And this is only the beginning for you. Take that leap of faith. Take that first step forward on your path and see the adventures that await you.

You will never be alone on this path, for we are always by your side. But as you continue to grow and become accustomed to your own light, you will no longer need the training wheels of security that we provide you. For you will be able to soar on your own and oh, how wonderful that will feel!

Be who you really are. Deny it no longer. You are One With All of Thee.
And you are filled with light and love!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue J
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 12:40:21

    In my head and on pieces of paper spread across many notebooks, I have the makings of an entire book on ‘synchronicity at play in my life’ . . . I’ve had a distinct awareness since roughly 15 years ago. Some day I will write that book, but ’til then, I’ll make another note of how uncanny it is that the words meant to serve you, also serve me extremely well. Thank you for sharing them.


  2. Joy Ezeka
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 17:57:30

    No more waiting
    No more hesitation.
    I Believe in Myself, I am ready NOW!
    The time is NOW and I AM SO READY!
    Thank you for inspiring me today! Best words to read before my day ends!


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