Know Thyself

Know your truth.
Speak your truth.
Live your truth.

Dear One, in order to move forward you must walk in the true essence of who you are. It is time to remove the mask that you have worn for so many years. It is time to be your authentic self. For in order to continue on your path, you must walk in your truth.

When you know and live in your truth, you will find clarity and inner peace. There is no judgment of your true nature. It is who you are. If you see yourself as you really are and feel that you need to make some changes, then seek help to make those changes. But do not judge yourself. For you have come into this physical realm with the tools and the gifts which will help you move forward and move the Universe forward. YOU are unique with what you bring to the table. Use that uniqueness with compassion and love and change the world.

Everyone here upon this plane has their own special niche in which they can make a tremendous difference in the energetic patterns that surround you all. No niche is too big or too small in order to make a difference. The stage is artfully set with exactly the opportunities and the tools that you may need in order to do what you came here to do. Do not deny yourself the gifts that you have. Do not deny yourself the pleasures that await you as you move forward in light and love. Do not deny yourself the expression of your true nature, your wondrous being, your shining light.

For it is needed today. And as you all begin to progress forward on your paths, you will see how quickly your world will begin to change. There is no time to waste as now is the critical period for changes to be made. The choice is yours, Dear One, and we shall lead you forward with your permission. But we need your help and your willingness to see things as they truly are, within and around you. We ask you to consider our plea for your help in the days to come. No one is too small, too insignificant for this task. How could anyone be considered such when all of you have a brilliant light within that is beginning to glow brightly; with needs to burst forth in all of its splendor.

Know thy truth. Really know and accept it as your truth. It may differ from that of another but that matters not. For all are on the same journey of awakening and enlightenment. All are moving forward at their own speed. If you are ahead of another on the path, reach back and help them along. If you are behind another, reach forward and allow them to help guide you. But always know thy own truth and question all that you are told. Even these words. And if they do not ring true for you, then do not accept them.

Speak thy truth. Be honest and compassionate in how you live your life. Move forward from this day forth in truth. For living a lie does not serve you. And knowing and speaking your truth will give you the freedom that you seek.

Live thy truth. Allow the bindings of your deception of yourself and others to fall away. It is not necessary for you to convince others to believe as you believe. It is only necessary for you to be true to yourself and your own truths. For each and every one of you has a unique path to follow. The destination is the same, but the routes may differ depending on what you are contributing to the world.

Dear One, walk in peace and clarity.
For it is in that stance that you shall do the most good.
For yourself and others.

Be who you really are.
Be true to yourself.
And feel the eternal glow that comes with it.

Individual that you are
You are still One With All of Thee.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    May 31, 2014 @ 00:42:20

    I possess no insight as to the “voice” who speaks through the Tovarysh Connection, but it conveys ancient wisdom. To “know thyself” reminds me of my studies in philosophy. I’ve found it takes a lifetime to practice this wisdom, and I’m now at a stage in my life when this “truth” is easier to know than before.

    I would also like to hear the blog’s author’s voice, sharing her wisdom and insights in her own delightful and articulate style. I sense the source of the “voice” she shares is within her and not from an external source. Wisdom comes when we demonstrate a capacity to embrace it.


  2. the_tovarysh_connection
    May 31, 2014 @ 09:07:54

    OMG, Curt. You’ve brought tears to my eyes with this comment. I’m speechless! πŸ˜‰ Really, I don’t know how to respond to this, but with gratitude for your kind words!!!! If you really wanted to ‘hear’ me…..I’m giving my first radio interview Tuesday evening and am already having anxiety dreams in preparation for it. Thank you again, so very much!!!!

    Show listing for June 3 , 2014


  3. Sue J
    May 31, 2014 @ 19:19:17

    Comforting and inspiring, as always. Thank you for sharing with us the perfect words that come to you and the divine within you.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Jun 01, 2014 @ 00:11:55

      You are so welcome. And always know that these words comfort and inspire me as well. I’m learning along with everyone else.


      • Sue J
        Jun 01, 2014 @ 01:28:12

        Congratulations on your upcoming radio interview. I hope to catch it. And I just checked out your facebook page… nice! I wish you much success and am happy you are spreading the good mojo. πŸ™‚

      • the_tovarysh_connection
        Jun 01, 2014 @ 08:28:24

        Thanks, Sue. Wish me luck. Its my first one and I’m a little nervous. πŸ˜‰

      • Sue J
        Jun 01, 2014 @ 12:35:01

        I do wish you well; just make sure the ‘nervous’ is more of an ‘excited nervous’ and you’ll be fine. Why not make an announcement here on the blog as well and get the word out. I’m certain you’d appreciate the support and good vibes of your readers while you reach out to new listeners!

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