Be Thyself

There is no need to wear a mask.
There is no need to pretend.
For you in your current state
Are perfect, exactly as you are.

Dear One, understand that you are perfect as you are today. We are not talking of the human condition, but of the true nature of your being. You are perfect. And if you allow your true self to come through, what a service to the world you are providing.

You must remember that you are a being of light that is currently housed in a physical form. At least a part of you is contained in this physical form. The rest of you vibrates at a higher frequency in other dimensions from this physical one. You constantly have this connection with the other dimensions as those other parts of you exist there.

Think of it this way. How many times have you been physically present in a certain spot, while your mind, your thoughts are not present in the moment, but focused on a different time or place. You, in fact, are not fully engaged with your physical body, but are floating elsewhere, completely oblivious of your current physical space. So too, is your true self co-existing in multiple dimensions at the same time. The difference being that your true self is aware of each existence that is occurring simultaneously. Here in the physical plane, your conscious mind is not able to perceive that multi-dimensional existence.

Again, we say to you that you, in your true state, are a being of light and love. That is the part of you that is beginning to emerge here in this physical plane. For as you continue on your journey back to the Source, re-awakening to the true wonder of being, your true self is gaining strength within this physical realm.

Are you able to accept this truth? Are you able to allow that true nature of light and love to emerge from within? Are you able to breathe out the fear and allow your internal light and love to fill the void left behind? It will now be easier for you to do this, for many others are awakened and in the same situation as you currently find yourself. Teetering at the edge of the water, attempting to test it with a toe, a foot, until you have the courage to jump in with full abandon.

Do you remember the times as a child you did just that? Taking the plunge and allowing the refreshing waters to carry you in its gentle current? Can you do that now? Can you trust enough to allow your journey to continue? For you have progressed greatly on this journey, or you would not be reading these words.

Be Thyself. Trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should. Ask for guidance with your words. Ask that you be in the perfect place at the perfect time. Walk your talk and use pure intent in all of your interactions. That is all that is required. For you, the inner you, the one who is already connected to the Source, is perfect in every way. You have the power to change your life, to change the world, to help the Universe to grow and expand. Allow your true self to shine. For your inner light shines brightly, your inner voice sings sweetly, your inner thoughts come from your higher self.

Glow in the knowledge of that.
And be thyself, thy true self.

Be One with All of Thee.


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