Know Thyself

Do you really know who you are?
Is that reflection in the mirror accurate?
Can you accept the truth?

Dear One, are you ready to hear the truth of who you really are? Can you listen and just sit with the words and allow them to permeate your consciousness? For so many of you see only your imperfections and focus on those. When in fact, your brilliance outshines any minor flaws that you see in your make-up.

You, you are love incarnate. Read that again and let that thought sit with you for a moment. Can you accept that piece of truth about yourself?

And so, if you are love incarnate, how can you not be surrounded by love, for does not like attract like? Deep inside each and every one of you is a flame, a spark of brilliance that is ready to burst forth in its purest form. What prevents this from coming into being is the fear that you allow to contain it. For you, in your human mind, cannot accept the immensity of who you truly are; the power which you have; the miracles that you can bring forth in your own life.

Sit, breathe, and focus on that light within your heart. See it burning steadily, large or small, it matters not. For it will never burn out of existence. That is not possible. Focus on that light, send it love and see what happens to it. Feel the warmth of it and allow it to caress your entire being with that loving glow.

This is the spark of you which fills this human body. This is the spark of you that remains connected to the All. This is the spark of you which is an extension of your higher self which vibrates at a higher frequency. This higher self of yours who guides you daily. Quietly, gently and patiently. For this is the part of you which knows you better than anyone else. For it IS you. This is the part of you which knows exactly what you need at any at any point on your journey. This is the part of you which can offer you the guidance, the loving embrace that is required at any moment of your day. That guidance, that loving touch cannot be lost. It is forever there with you. You are never alone and always have this connection to another plane of existence; which sees you as you truly are. One with All of Thee.

Sit with this knowledge. Allow yourself to become accustomed to this truth about yourself. You have never been lost, for your internal compass has always been there. It has always been lit. It will never go out. That is not possible. You, you have this seed of greatness deep within you. Can you allow yourself the time, the nurturing, to allow this seed to sprout and grow into the majesty of who you really are?

Rid yourself of that thought that you are unworthy, unknowing, unloved. That is Ego talking to you. Begin to listen to that quiet voice within you. Fan the flame with acceptance and love. And oh, dear one, the warmth of you will outshine the brilliance of your own sun that warms this planet. Consider this until we speak with you again. That is all we ask of you this day.

Open your heart to the possibilities.
And wrap yourself in love.

For love is all there is.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gede Prama
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 14:56:36

    Love the inspiration and happiness radiating on your blog, Thank you friend 🙂


  2. Otto von Münchow
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 15:21:05

    I agree with Gede, it’s a very inspiring post: Open your heart to love.


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