All is Well with Thee

Do not doubt your progress.
Do not question your life.
Trust that all is exactly as it should be.

Dear One, your life is perfect in every way.  The challenges that appear before you are the lessons that you have chosen to learn this lifetime.  The answers to your questions are there for you.  But you must learn to listen for them.  You must learn to trust what you hear. You must learn to trust that you are connected to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness.  If you are reading this, you have come far enough on your path to hear the teachings put forth by us.  For there is much knowledge for you to assimilate and incorporate into your daily life.

But remember, also, as you walk this path of knowledge, to enjoy the beauty of your physical existence.  For there is much beauty surrounding you.  Take not for granted the sounds, sights, smells to which you have become so accustomed.  For should they be taken away from you, they would be missed more than you would have thought.  Accept these gifts of Mother Earth and her realm.  For they are gifts for you as you walk this earthly path.

You are one of the adventurers, who have chosen to come down to this level of vibration to bring back knowledge to the All.  For this service that you have chosen to give, in return, Mother Earth has provided you with many gifts to ease your passage through this plane.  Open your eyes, your ears, all of your senses to these gifts and enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed. For the earthly mind, in all of its complexity, cannot replicate what Mother Earth offers in the same way.

You, you are one of those gifts for others.  Not to be used and discarded.  Not to become a puppet in another one’s life.  But as a giver of joy and connection to others who will be placed in your path at the most opportune time.  As others will be placed in your path when you need them the most for the gifts they have for you.  Do not overlook the synchronicities in your life here upon this plane.  Know that opportunities lay at your feet every day.  Opportunities to grow, opportunities for joy, opportunities to connect with others in the most appropriate way.  Close not your eyes to these opportunities, for they are tools for you to use on your path home.

You, you are a most powerful being who still shakes with fear of the unknown.  Can you allow yourself to trust the path laid out before you?  Can you sit and be still for the messages that are knocking at your door?  For they are there, on your doorstep, waiting for you to find them, to hear them.  Use this knowledge to move forward.  You are deserving of these messages and you do receive them every day.  Many of you have just discarded the information, thinking it is a trick of your mind.

And so, as you become more accustomed to this new openness to your power, find time to sit and be still.  If you do not understand what you are told, in a multitude of ways, then ask again for more guidance, for more clarity.  And you shall receive it.  The trick is to be present in every moment of your day.  The trick is to get out of your mind and back into your heart, the source of all of your knowledge.

The truth lies within your heart.  Not your mind.  Turn off that mind and open your heart in matters of personal growth.  Your mind will serve you with earthly matters as you move through your jobs and your careers.  But remember that even then, the knowledge from your heart will help shape your days and ease the stress that surrounds your daily activities.  There is also a place for your heart in your daily jobs and careers.  It is now time to use that knowledge, not only in your quiet personal times, but in your professional, daily activities.

These practices will help move your forward. Will help move the world forward.
These practices will help you to integrate both aspects of your life.
It is no longer feasible to keep them separate
Use the knowledge that is there for you daily, in every aspect of your life.

The time is now.
For you to fly.
Unfold your wings, dear one.

The time is now.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

    Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:46:32

    What a beautiful, timely message. Thank you Celine and the Tovarysh! May all be well with you.

    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


  2. Thomas Ross
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 10:22:41

    There is so much here that resonates with me- acceptance, gratitude- and perhaps especially the connection with the physical, natural world.

    You have created a warm place here- a source of energy and inspiration.

    Thank you.



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