How to Find Your Way

How do you begin?
From where do you seek guidance?
What is your next step?

Dear one, you have already begun your journey. You are at the trail-head of the path back to the Source. You have never been on any other path. That is the only path available to you. Yes, there may be detours and more circuitous trails that you have chosen. But they all lead back to the same final destination. They all lead you home.

Trust this and discard the roadmap in your head. The true map, the clearest directions lay in your heart. Your roadmap lies in your heart. Any detours that occur are due to the doubt in your mind, that Ego of yours whispering in your ear, encouraging you to go this way or that. But the truth is that no matter which way Ego suggests you go, the truth is that you will eventually reset your destination to a more direct path home. For your higher self is stronger and more resilient than your Ego and will redirect you if you get too far off course.

So what do you do? Listen to that higher self, those yearnings that come from deep within. Not the yearnings of this world, but the yearnings for the larger world from which you come. You need not deny yourself the earthly pleasures along the way, for that is a gift of this experience for you.

But allow that other part of you, which you have heard before, allow that other part of you its voice. Listen and if you do not understand, ask for clarity. If you still do not understand, ask again. And then be still. Quiet your mind, that ever active part of you. Quiet your mind and allow your heart to speak to you. And if you still do not understand or are afraid to take that next step, then call upon us. For we are here for you. We see your path laid before you and will gently reposition you if necessary. But only with your permission.

You are never alone in the forest, in the darkness, in the silence. If you feel that tremor of fear begin to shake your being, that is the time to open your heart, to close the shutters on your mind. That is the time to take some deep, centering breaths. To feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, supporting you, as she always does, even when your thoughts are elsewhere. She is there quietly supporting your every step. How can you feel alone when you have this support beneath you every moment of your day?

Turn off that mind, that Ego which will become more nervous as its hold on you becomes weaker. Close your eyes and see the light that surrounds you. See the light that glows within you. Light connects to light, there is no other way. Open the portals within, if only a fraction, and allow the light to co-mingle, one with the other, and feel the shift within your entire being.

Be not afraid of who you really are.
Journey forward with the knowledge that all paths lead home. All paths.
Ask for help, for guidance, if you feel lost.

And if you feel alone, notice the strength of Mother Earth beneath you.
Her strength is your strength as you are one with Her.
As you are One with All of Thee.


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