What of …Joy?

Happiness is a human condition.
Joy is universal.
Accept your place in the universe
And allow joy to fill your entire being.

What you do not yet understand, dear one, is that joy is a given for you. It is a part of your natural make-up as a child of the universe. It lives and breathes within you, waiting for a moment to appear in your daily human life. Waiting to fill your entire being with that part of yourself that you deny.

For you are larger, greater, capable of more than you have ever imagined in your human mind. As most of you still focus on the human condition, you have not yet allowed your true self to emerge. For perhaps you cannot accept your own internal brilliance. Perhaps you feel unworthy because of your present human condition. Perhaps you have not yet grasped the true nature of your being.

Dear one, there is no separation between you and the All. You are not separate. Sit back and ponder this for a moment and what this means for you.

In your true form, you are a brave and courageous soul who has chosen to embody on this earthly plane. The lessons that you learn here are in addition to the knowledge that you already have from another time, another plane. The lessons that you learn here are for the growth of the All, not just for you in this human form. You need not strive to be perfect. You already ARE perfect.

The joy of you is clouded by the human condition. The joy of you is masked by the perceived limitations within your human form. The joy of you is ready to burst forth in its brilliance at your moment of awakening.

Can you not see how the awakening of all embodied souls will change the way of being on this plane? There is no judgment of you for anything that you do here upon this plane. There is only gratitude for your choice to come and contribute to the growth of the entire universe.

Do not huddle in the corner with worry of your own unworthiness. This is who you truly are. Which is why there is so much joy surrounding you and everything that you do. You are not only a child of the universe, you are a teacher for the universe as you discover new ways of being on this earthly journey.

As you come to this realization, you will better understand how you are working WITH us, not for us. For we are all in this together. And all will reap the benefits from any and all of your experiences here upon this plane. From all of your experiences.

So worry not of your condition, your life.
Embrace your true identity and allow your brilliance to shine.
There are no wrong steps, only forward steps.
Back to the Source with the knowledge gained from this journey.

Understand the joy of who you are.
Understand the joy within and around you.
Feel our love and admiration for you.

Only love.

For you ARE One With All of Thee.

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