What of……. Possibilities?

What is possible in my life?
How far should I reach?
Can I go too far?

Dear one, the possibilities for you are endless. Endless. You have the knowledge, the opportunities provided by the entire universe. There is no limit for what is possible for you in your life, in your existence here upon this plane. For you are a child of the universe.

As you anticipate your daily life, planning, dreaming, considering how to move forward, remember this. The expectations that you have about future events actually limit you and the possibilities. Why? It is because you are creating those expectations in a ‘human’ framework. And that human mind of yours does not have a grasp of your life’s potential. The human mind contains you within the human box. Break out of that box and allow the universe to show you the way. Walk through your life without expectation and see how it changes.

Ponder this. If you approach a new day in your life expecting only this or that, you have shut the door to many other possibilities yet unconsidered from your human perspective. You only look for and see those possibilities you have created in your mind. But do remember that your mind is connected to Ego and to your human form.

What if instead, you threw open the door, the windows of your existence and allowed the perfect opportunity to lay itself at your feet? What will occur will be greater, more meaningful, more joyful than anything you could have ever imagined. And your human mind will be astounded by what just happened.

Do not forget that you are connected to the All, to the web of connection throughout all of existence. With this comes an open book, a sight yet unseen, an experience yet unfathomed by your human existence. Just as your human form limits your mobility, so too, does your human mind limit your forward movement.

Can you approach each day without expectation? Can you give gratitude each morning for another day more perfect than you could ever have imagined? By doing this, you have created the opening for miracles to occur. The miracle of accepting yourself as you truly are, without limit, with endless possibilities.

Approach each day anew. Approach each person in your life anew. Approach every repetitive experience anew with open eyes and an open heart. The results will give you pause.

As the veil thins between the worlds, you are surrounded by opportunities for a new way of being. You are strolling through an orchard laden with fruit, ripe and ready to be plucked. To be savored and enjoyed. There are no sour pieces of fruit, for each and every bite gives you an opportunity for growth, an opportunity for nourishment for your very soul.

Take a chance, take a bite and allow the sweetness of light to fill your very being. And as you take on this nourishment, listen for the universal song playing sweet melodies in your ear. Feel the softness of the grass beneath your feet, the universal light on your face. Smell the fragrance of love untethered wafting in the air.

Oh sweet joy of life. This is yours for the taking, dear one. Do not deny yourself the wonders that surround you. Remove the blinders, open your heart and allow pure love to fill your entire being.

For you are One.
You are that Light.
You are Love Incarnate.
Bless you.


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