Surrender to the beauty of the world
Surrender to the beauty within
Surrender to the beauty you create
With each and every breath.

Dear One, do not forget the beauty that surrounds you. The beauty which fills your very being. The beauty which you have the ability to create each and every day. This is who you are, of what you are capable, but which you do not see or allow. Your vision in the human form limits you in your thinking, in your acceptance, in your expectations of your life.

Do not forget the power which you have. This is the power of the universe, as you are a child of this universe, on an adventure in a human form. Do not forget the connection you have. A connection that is unbreakable, as you venture out in your daily life. Do not forget the love which surrounds you, every moment of your day. You are larger, greater, more knowledgeable, more powerful than you can ever imagine in your daily human thoughts. You are one with All of Thee.

The human condition encourages you to accumulate, to excel, to succeed. Your true self is a creation of love and beauty, strength and power, wisdom and knowledge and connection to the All. Your true self understands the ebb and flow of life in a way not yet fully accepted by the human existence. Rather than pushing at a door that requires you to pull, instead allow it to open on its own when the time is right. Nothing can be forced before its time, for there is a universal rhythm which beats in unison with all that is.

Close your eyes and breathe. Listen for the universal song that plays for you, that is a part of your very make-up. Allow your physical body to sway to the rhythm that is pulsing in your veins. Surrender to the connection which you have with your universal family. Feel the peace within as you breathe in the scent of the sweet aroma of the universal fragrance, which permeates the air around you. See the beauty within as you travel to your sacred space. The space within, where you can go to replenish yourself anytime, free of charge.

As difficult as it may be, allow yourself time every day for just a moment alone with yourself; within yourself, surrounded by the wonders of the universal presence in your life. Allow your thoughts, your worries, your busy schedule to be enveloped in a bubble and see them float away. Breathe. Connect. Surrender… who you really are. One with All of Thee.

You are a child of the universe.
Nurture that child.
Love that child who continues to evolve and grow.
And as all children require,
Allow that child time to play.
No worries, no tasks, no chores.
Just the pure and utter joy of being, of discovery, of love.

Surrender…… to who you really are.


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