What Part do You Play?

What is your role this lifetime?
What did you come to learn?
How best can you help?

Each and every one of you has a role to play in the expansion of the Universe. Do not shy away from that to say you are not good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough. That matters not. Those voices in your head that tell you this are your Ego in an attempt to slow your progress. You are a child of the Universe, a contributing member of the universal club of life. Your contribution is vital and necessary.

This does not mean that you must sit and contemplate your purpose until you decide what it may be. For you may never recognize the role that you play in your existence here. The connection of the All is more complex than you can fathom here upon this physical plane.

It is not until you have made your transition back to your natural state, that of spirit and not physical, that you will better understand your contribution. Consciously knowing your role would dilute the contribution to the collective consciousness. The process of your awakening is a large part of the role which you play here upon this plane.

So, then, what can you do? What is your task? How can you help and move forward?
*You move through this physical life without fear.
*You participate in the experiential life that lies before you.
*You slowly awaken to your true self as you move through this physical plane.

Can you see the power in that last statement? Can you understand the giant leap that is taken when you no longer see yourself as separate? For these physical vessels promote that illusion of separateness. What a giant leap each of you makes when you come to this realization. For once you realize this truth, you can begin to work together as one. The power of that is difficult to grasp from your perspective here upon this plane.

Know that you are part of a continuum, more vast than you can imagine. This realization of your connection sends a spark of light through the entire continuum. Realizing your connection on our plane is much easier to do. But in a physical vessel, without the ability yet developed to see and feel the connection, is a great leap forward. It means that you have been able to trust yourself and quiet Ego who is constantly putting doubt in your path. Having this realization allows you to begin your work, the work which you came down here to do.

That is not to say that those unrealized do not contribute to the knowledge of the All, for indeed they do. But once realized, your connection burns brighter and raises the possibilities to a much higher vibration. And more and more of you are coming to this realization.

The reality of this causes the entire universe to shudder with joy in anticipation of what is possible, of what is to come. Make no mistake, your contribution is very important and does not go un-noticed. For you are the courageous ones who took on this task to come to this physical plane. Our gratitude for you cannot be measured or conveyed by these words.

Know in your heart that you are loved beyond measure. Know in your heart that your every action is watched without judgment, but in anticipation of your potential being realized. Know in your heart that your work here upon this plane is very important and held in high regard by those of us waiting with open arms for your return.

You are One.
You are Light.
You are Love.
And you are Loved Beyond Measure.

Scribe Note: I cried after writing this post because I could feel their joyful anticipation for what is to come; their immense gratitude and depth of love for each and every one of us.

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