Am I Really Ready?

What if I do not feel ready?
What if I am too afraid?
What do I do to stop this?

Once you are on the path, there is no turning back without feeling a great loss within your soul. This is not due to punishment or judgment. It is because you have had a glimpse of what is possible, what is true for you and you will yearn for it. For on some level, it will feel like home. The tension you feel will be between your fear (Ego) and your heart (Soul).

Call upon us if you begin to feel this tension within. Ask for a gentle move forward. Ask for help and guidance. For we always hear your prayers, we are right beside you at all times. You are never alone. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself. Give yourself some quiet time to allow the chatter within to cease. This takes practice, as your lives are so busy, filled with stimulation from all around.

Sit for 5 minutes a day and just breathe. In and Out. In and Out. Remember that when you ask for guidance, it may come from any source. Your answer may come from a child’s question, from a part of Nature, a comment on the radio, a scene which you observe during your daily routine. All are one and for this reason, have no expectations of how your guidance will occur. Be open and receptive and just allow. It may be come in a dream or in an unexpected Aha moment. Remember the web of connection between all of creation. ALL of creation.

You are a spiritual being who is experiencing life in a human body. As the vibrational energy of this physical plane begins to increase, it will become easier for you to move ahead on your path. If you do not allow fear to hold you back. Dissolve that fear and allow it to flow from you down into Mother Earth as you walk on the ground, or down the drain as you cleanse your physical body. Replace that fear with a golden light of healing around you. Wrap yourself in love and pause to feel the comfort of it. And you will notice the difference. It will feel wonderful and familiar, for you have been in this place before.

All of the answers you need are within you, for you are connected to the All at all times. If you need more guidance on the physical plane, ask for the most fitting teacher for you and that teacher will walk into your life. In one of many forms. Be discerning, ask many questions, and if you do not feel at ease then bless that teacher and move on. Throughout your physical life, many teachers in many forms will cross your path. As you grow, you will have different needs and so be prepared to move on to the next step when it is time.

And at all times as you move forward on your path, call upon us to help guide you and to light your way. Ask your higher self for confirmation that you are on the correct path for you at this moment in time. Be gentle with yourself and remove yourself from negative influences, be they human, energetic or emotional. Begin to trust your connection. Remember that your higher self is still connected to you and that will never change.

You are not alone.
You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.
You have the strength and the power to make any changes you feel are required.
You are loved.
You are love incarnate.
And you are One With All of Thee.

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