What Do You Do with the Knowledge?

Can you trust what you know?
Do you share what you know?
Do you know how much you really know?

You have information coming to you from many sources. You have, of course, all of the physical sources. You receive input from all of your senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch. You have information coming from the people with whom you interact. You have information coming from all your sources of communication on the earthly plane; social media, television, radio and so on. These are the sources of knowledge of which you are aware and from which you are accustomed to every day of your life.

But there is another source from which you receive information every moment of your life, of which many are not aware. The input is there, but the reception may not be consciously acknowledged. This knowledge comes from within, from your intuition, from your higher self.

Can you think outside of the box for a moment as we reveal to you this process that is ongoing even as you are reading these words? For in order to understand, you must be able to accept the complexity of your being. We have stated before that you are only in this physical body for a short period of time, for experiential lessons to share with the collective consciousness.

But not all of you is present in this physical vessel. There still remains a part of you on another plane, your higher self, which vibrates at a higher frequency, which is securely anchored in the collective consciousness. This part of yourself, who has a much broader vision of your life, is one of the main sources of your knowledge. And this knowledge is revealed to you incrementally as you continue to become more aware of your true self.

Each and every one of you has a foot in both planes of existence. How aware you are of this and how much you draw from your higher self depends on where you are along your path. The more you grow in your awareness of your connection, the more knowledge is revealed to you. For this knowledge is to be used only for the highest good. Should you be given knowledge before you are ready, you may not be able to use it wisely, with pure intent. And even then, there are many who do not always apply this knowledge in the intended way. However, these experiential lessons still contribute to the All.

Your task is to receive this knowledge without fear, without feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness, without comparison to others. For you are all One, there is no need for comparison or judgment. Each of you has a piece of the puzzle to provide as you live your life here upon this physical plane. You are all working together, even though it may not appear that way from the human perspective.

Can you understand that each and every one of you reaches across dimensions even as you live your conscious lives here upon this physical plane? As you rest your physical body and slow down that sensory input, turn off that analytical mind; that is when your connection with your higher self is the clearest. There is less traffic to confuse the transfer of knowledge.

So be aware of your dreams and ask for help in understanding what they are telling you. Know that you are larger, greater, more complex than you ever imagined. You are not only a physical being. Your physical vessel is only a tool. Compare it to receiving your first car and having the ability to go where you have not been before. There are limits; mechanical, availability of fuel, weather conditions, and so forth. You only occupy this vehicle as a means to an end. So too, with your physical body. It is a means to an end, with limitations.

But your true self, who you really are, is limitless.
Begin to allow that knowledge about yourself to settle into your consciousness.
Remove the limitations of the physical mind and allow your true self to come through.
Accept your greatness with grace and purpose.

For you are truly One With All of Thee.


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  1. erikafuego
    Dec 18, 2013 @ 17:05:18

    You just go with it. Be open. If something serves you, go for it. If it doesn’t, don’t. We are constantly evolving. You are not the person you were 5 years ago and aren’t the person you will be 10 years from now. Nothing is constant. Take things one step at a time.


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