What lies ahead?

What comes next then?
What is to be expected?
How do you proceed?

If you have made the decision to shed the cloak of fear and move forward, you might wonder what to expect next. The truth is that the possibilities are the same as they ever were for you. But now, with your clearer vision, with your lightness of being, you will begin to see them. For up until this moment, fear has blinded you and held you back. The time is now to take that first step forward.

Breathe. Accept the joy that awaits you. Dance and sing. Find that inner child who has been wanting desperately to break free and allow him/her to emerge. Have we not said all along that you have lost that sense of wonder, seeing things for the first time, as you did when you were a child? Nothing has changed around you. It is YOU who are changing. And the heavens sing in celebration that your sight has been restored.

Smile. Feel the joy that is beginning to rise up within you, as it finds freedom of expression once again. Shake the cobwebs from your being and allow your light to shine. Others will notice and will wonder what it is that you have done to change. As you allow the connections to re-charge, just watch as the opportunities begin to lay themselves before you. Remember the web of connection that we have discussed before. The pulses along that web will begin to strengthen and become more prevalent.

And if fear continues to reach out to you, then ceremoniously send it on its way. Write down those fears that hang on, list them all and then light them with a flame and watch the embers fly away. Or consciously allow the fear to go down the drain as you wash it from your physical body. You will know when it has gone as you will feel lighter, more joyful and freer. And you will begin to remember feeling this way once before, a long time ago. Worry not about the future or the past. Ask yourself ‘how am I doing right at this very moment?’ And understand that this very moment is all that is. No future. No past. Just now. Be present in the now and know in your heart that all that matters is the present moment.

Call upon us and ask for help if you are feeling unsteady. Be gentle with yourself as new beginnings may be tender. Rest as much as you can as you begin to reconfigure your entire being. Eat well. Drink plenty of water and sing, dance, play. Do you remember how?

Understand that your journey here includes the experience of joy. How do you bring joy to an existence filled with fear and the illusion of separateness? It begins with you, dear one. Take a chance. Join others just like you who are beginning to awaken and see how the world will change. One moment at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time. The moment is now. It is your time to shine. Accept the call and see the possibilities appear before you.

We believe in you.
We know who you truly are.
It is time for you to accept your greatness.
In light and in love


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