Can you accept the changes that are coming to your life?
Can you see them as positive rather than negative?
Can you contribute your input to make the transitions flow gently and easily?

Do not allow yourself to become accustomed to a certain way of being. For that is not the path to growth. We understand that repetition is easier than new beginnings, even if that repetition no longer serves you. But the truth is that you are stronger and more resilient that you realize. And you were born to seize the opportunities that lay before you and to use them for the common good.

How can you serve mankind and the world if you do not serve yourself first? How can you be a role model for others if you allow fear to hold you back? Why would you not choose change over what you already know, already have accomplished, when you have already drunk the cup dry? Your wings have emerged and they are massive and strong. They are dry and ready to take you to new heights. Use them. Do not allow them to wither and grow weak. Does not the taste of adventure beckon you forward?

As you contemplate your path to greatness (and yes, all have that path laid before them) do you see all the possibilities or only the negative ones? The truth is that you have no idea of what is possible because you have allowed your human mind to limit even your imagination in what you can do. We tell you once again, you are more than human. Your gifts are greater than anything that you can imagine with your human mind. Allow the light to shine.

Close your eyes. Scan your physical body and find that tiny crack in the armor of resistance. It might be an old wound, a broken heart, a sore spot that you continue to massage because it feels good to remember the pain. You are accustomed to this pain. And you feel that you deserve it. That it is something with which you must live.

But you have a choice, you have greatness waiting to emerge and that light is beginning to seep out from those old wounds. First a tiny flicker of light, so small you might miss it. But it then becomes a steady pulse, growing to a continuous stream until it finally bursts forth in all of its magnificence. Allow it to emerge and feel the changes begin. You might feel your physical body can no longer contain it. That is because it is time for it to emerge. Should you feel this way, allow it to shine, to cover you and all that is around you.

Consider the merging of this light with the light from everyone around you. You become part of a beacon of light, a source of change, a positive force of joy and peace. THIS, this is who you truly are. Allow yourself to dream larger and accept your greatness and with that all the possibilities that come with change.

It begins with you. Allow the light to shine from within. Be not afraid of your own strength and power. The time is NOW. You are needed NOW. We call on you NOW to take that first step forward without fear.

You are surrounded by love. You are filled with light. Accept the gift of you and share it with the world. Mother Earth calls to you. Hear her call. Nurture her as she has nurtured you. And see the changes begin to bring lightness and joy to all.

You are a part of this.
That is why you are here at this time.
Your invitation has arrived. RSVP with a resounding YES!
For we cannot do it without your help.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah Pannell (@projectmaven)
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 15:01:10

    Oh yes. Yes indeed. ❤


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