What If…..?

What if you could have anything you wanted? What would you choose?
What if you had the gift of sight? What would you want to see?
What if you could heal yourself or others?
What if all of these possibilities were realities?

You do not yet understand how powerful you are as you still cling to the idea that you are only human. That is a common thought or saying, is it not, ‘well, I am only human.’ But the truth is that you are more than that. Yes, indeed, you do exist in a human body, but this is a temporary condition. And just because you are in human form does not mean you no longer carry the gifts, the power, the strength, the connection that is a part of your higher self. That part of you that is of light and love.

In order to bring about these ‘possibilities’ mentioned above, you must begin to see yourself as you truly are. Be not afraid of this. Be not afraid of your strength, your power, your gifts. The fear comes when your mind is in control. For while you cherish that part of you, your mind; it can be very self-limiting.

The truth is that the real you exists in your heart. That is from where you draw your strength, your sight, your gifts. How often do you hear of people acting ‘without thinking’ to help a loved one, perhaps trapped and requiring ‘super-human’ strength? Or those who overcame their fears in times of great need, when once again they acted ‘without thinking’? Do you see how your mind can keep you from realizing who you truly are and of what you are truly capable?

Can you step out of your long held image of yourself and consider another possibility? Can you turn off that switch that says it is not possible? I am unable to do that because …I am only human, I am too old, too weak, too uneducated, too afraid… The list can go on and on. For you have perfected this way of being, of moving through your world in fear.

What would happen if you allowed your ‘real’ self to come through during this human existence? What would happen with the merging of 2 worlds, the human existence and the spiritual? You often speak of miracles occurring, divine intervention. Can you begin to accept that YOU are a part of the divine and if you can quiet that mind of yours, anything is possible? Be not afraid of that power. But also use it wisely. For as we have said before, your thoughts, words and deeds are felt across the entire continuum and affect the All.

Ponder this. Your inner light is attempting to burst forth and shine its brilliance; surrounding all whom you touch. Rest that mind of yours which has been overworked and overwhelmed with input, output and worry. Relax, breathe, feel the ground beneath your feet and allow that tiny crack to form in that human casing of self-containment. Allow that tiny ray of light to seep out and begin to shine. Allow the miracle of you to emerge from its confinement of so many years. It is time. The time is now. You are needed. Your light is needed. Your love is needed. The miracle of you is needed. Now.

Be not afraid of who you really are.
Dip your toe into the water of life, then jump in.
See how you do not sink, but are held afloat by unseen forces.
Those unseen forces are you. For you are stronger than you think.

Accept your gifts and share them with the world.
Why do you think you are here?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chattingwithspirit
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 16:15:08

    I had to laugh at the incredible synchronicity, yet again, of your perfectly timed post. I had just written how my spirit is vibrant even if my body is not. To me my body is very much ‘just’ a vehicle for my spirit and is not at all what makes me who I am.

    I believe that we all possess such wonderful inner gifts and I have often been surprised at the strength of these hidden within very normal people.

    If you don’t mind I would very much like to print out this particular post and give it to a very lovely friend of mine who needs reminding just how amazingly capable and gifted she truly is!


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