Can you feel the connection?
Can you trust the connection?
Can you use the connection to move forward in your world?

One. That is all there is, only one. And you are very much an integral part of this Oneness. Like a cell in your physical body which works in conjunction with all the other cells to create a functioning, complete entity. All of these cells join together to allow the physical body to move, to exist, to create. Alone, one cell can do nothing. But when connected to the entirety, it allows the body to move forward, to function in the physical world.

And so, you, the ‘real’ you, is connected to the Oneness, which could not exist without your input, without the part that you play to help It to move forward. There have been many names, many descriptions of this Totality of Being and we shall not argue with any of those. For each and every one of you the connection has a slightly different meaning, a different purpose in your life and so you each have a different description that you use.

All of that matters not. What matters is how you use that connection and how you contribute to the growth and knowledge of the All. Do you walk with pure intent, non-judgment and lightness of being? Or do you pounce on anyone who does not share your personal beliefs? Do you close yourself off to any differences from your personal way of living? Have you closed down your mind, your life, to the infinite possibilities of new experiences?

These new experiences can occur in a moment, by being more aware of your surroundings and noticing anew something that has been there all along. You might suddenly notice the fear, the hesitation in the voice of someone to whom you have readily given your power. Or you may suddenly realize the strength that flows within the veins of someone you barely noticed in the past. The possibilities are endless of the knowledge that is waiting for you to pluck from the everyday moments of your life.

Open your eyes, your ears, your heart to your daily life and see, hear and feel what you have been missing. Just be aware, take in that information, sit with it and see where it takes you, how it will change your way of being, if ever so slightly. For it will and it does every day, often un-noticed by you because you are in your head, playing the same song over and over while at the same time, a new symphony is offering you a new way of being.

You, you are the eyes, the ears, the heart of the Oneness. You are like the Voyager craft that is now seeking new information outside of your solar system. You are the seeker, the information gatherer, the courageous adventurer. Separate, but connected. Individual, yet part of the All. Both collector and giver of knowledge, every moment of your day.

Be at peace with who you are and with your place in the Universe.
Your life is not only in this world, but expands far beyond.
Begin to think bigger, dream larger, reach further than you ever have before.

The possibilities, the opportunities are endless.
For you are a part of the whole, the One, the All.
And your life here, now, is precious and meaningful.
Beyond your comprehension.

You are power,
You are strength,
You are knowledge,
You are wisdom.
You are light and you are love.

Always and forever more.

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