The Joy of Being

Can you lift up your hearts to the joy of life?
Can you be at one with the beauty that surrounds you?
Can you allow the light to shine within and around you?
Can you feel your connection with that light?

Your essence, your very essence, consists of light. That light is embodied in your physical vessel to move and exist here upon this physical plane. It is a temporary existence here. For your natural state of being is in another dimension and a part of you still exists there as well, while part of you discovers yourself on this plane.

The purpose of your being here is to explore, to discover, to expand your knowledge, and to shine your light as a beacon for others. Being enveloped in a physical vessel is difficult, we understand, for you are more familiar with a lightness of being, a freedom of movement, unlimited by the heaviness of the physical form.

But please understand that this journey, this adventure of which you are partaking is one chosen by you at a time prior to your birth here. And when that choice was made, it was made with love and joy and excitement for learning, growing and sharing the experiences from this plane. This dis-connection that you might feel is only an illusion. For you ARE connected and have always been connected, to a part of yourself outside this physical plane, as well as to the continuum that exists into infinity. Reach down deep within yourself in moments of quiet and find that connection that has always been there. See it as a cord of light, glistening, pulsing with a brightness beyond anything possible on this physical dimension.

You, you are a piece of all of this. You are that light. And with that light comes a joy beyond measure. With that light comes a connection that is strong, that is steady, that is unbreakable. This is who you truly are. You are NOT a physical body, just as you are not the garments that you place upon this physical frame. You are much more than that. You are power and you are strength. You are wisdom and you are knowledge. You are an integral piece of the All, who was courageous enough to come here to learn, to experience an existence different from any which you had previously.

Not all chose to come here. But you did with a hunger for new experiences. You made the decision with lightness in your heart and joy in the anticipation of new possibilities of life. You must understand the joy that was felt when this decision was made. And you must understand the joy that will surround you upon your return. This is your chosen journey and we are here with you, but in another dimension, another plane that exists exactly in the same space, but at a higher vibration. So you are within an arm’s reach of us, always.

Please understand the joy of being that this existence brings not only to us, but to another part of you who still remains with us on this dimension. This part of you is your higher self, who vibrates at a higher vibration and guides you as you navigate your daily physical life. Your higher self anchors you to your natural state of being as you experience your adventures here upon this physical plane. That pulse of light, that connection is to a part of yourself who sits with us as we guide you and send you our love, every moment of your day.

Accept these truths in your heart if you are able.
And if it appears too outrageous, then just consider that what we say here is a possibility.
If nothing else, accept our love for you.
Call upon us for help in a whisper, in a shout, in a prayer.
It matters not, for we always hear you.
How can we not when are here right next to you, always.

You are a joy of creation.
You are light, you are love.
And you are loved, unconditionally.


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