The light shines upon you and through you.
The light shines from you.
The light is building and spreading across the world.
Across the entirety of being.

For you and for the entire universe, this is a time of joy and celebration. Can you feel the energies rising around you? Do you notice a difference in the air? Even if you do not yet feel these changes, they are here and you will benefit from them in ways you have not envisioned.

Be of joy, no matter what you perceive as positive or negative in your daily life. Be of joy. For you are part of the continuum which is shifting, changing, expanding. And these changes include you in your daily life. Perhaps you cannot feel or see these changes, but they will affect you in a very positive way.

We have talked of the connection of the All many times. Consider then how the building of energies enhanced by light workers throughout your world and the entire continuum will also carry you along. Until you are in a place, a position, to accept these changes and consciously join them. This work being done is a work of love and commitment by others who join in the vision of growth and knowledge for all.

Even if you do not understand, open your heart to the possibilities, the new opportunities that await you in your daily life. Should you have a flash of insight about something with which you have struggled, listen to it. Should you feel a strong urge to take a new path, then trust that urge and begin to follow it. There are no wrong decisions, no wrong paths if they are made, if they are taken, with pure intent, trust and love. The possibilities for you are endless. No longer box yourself into a confined way of being. Break out of that way of being, open your mind, your heart. Share your gift with the world. And no longer say that you do not have a gift, for certainly you do. No longer can you hide that part of yourself from others, for the time is now to accept it and share it with the world.

Unbeknownst to you, the light, the energy that pulses from you and through you is changing. It must do so in order to join the expansion occurring at this moment in the Universe. Rejoice in it. Recognize those in your life who have offered their love and service to you, often just in a passing moment. Understand that you are being lifted by others, as you read these words. By those who are aware, who love you unconditionally, even without knowing you well or even at all. And yet, they are connected with you and include you in their thoughts and prayers, in their daily intentions of light work. Understand that you are surrounded by light and love. And it is growing, becoming brighter every day.

Give gratitude to these souls who are in front of you on the path and extend to you their hands, their hearts, to help you move forward. This is not a race. There are only winners and all are moving forward en masse. A flow of humanity. A flow of light. A movement of love spiraling around you and through you.

Blessings to all of you. We honor the work that has been done and continues to be done. We shall continue to guide all of you on this journey of light and love. We will encourage you to allow the heavy cloak of uncertainty to fall, so that you may spread your wings and begin to fly.

All is well with you.
All is well within the Universe.
All is filled with light and with love.
Be at one with it.
Accept your place in this joyous celebration.
For you ARE very much a part of it.


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