What does the future hold?

Do you worry about tomorrow?
Is it coming too quickly or perhaps not quickly enough?
Will you be ready for the changes that are coming?

Be joyful of the many opportunities and possibilities that present themselves to you every moment in your life. They are there, right in front of you. Just push that curtain of fear aside and you will see them, like pieces of candy to be plucked and savored.

Move forward in your life with joy and anticipation, not with dread or worry. Remember that you can see your future in either a positive or negative way. Banish that fear and allow the buzz of excitement to fill your ears for all the possibilities being laid at your feet. So many choices, all placed at the beginning of a different path back to the Source. For remember that all paths lead back to the Source. All paths.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to dream. Dream big. Dream goodness and joy. Dream love and peace and gentle movement forward. Remember that you have a purpose here upon this earthly plane, and you will be gently nudged forward to fulfill that purpose. No purpose is too small. No purpose is so large that it is impossible to do. Each and every one of you has a unique gift, a special niche, a perfect placement to fulfill your purpose here upon this plane.

Trust. Be aware of how your life flows and if you require guidance, just ask. Ask for clarity, ask for help, ask for the ability to see the opportunities that lay before you. Then dig down deep within yourself and pull up that courage that is sitting there in repose. There is plenty there for you to use as needed as you move forward. And remember that every step you take is forward movement. Every step.

Reach out and take our hand extended to you in loving support. Understand that you have more power, more strength, more resolve than you realize. You have the knowledge of the universe at your fingertips. It is time to skip, to dance, to embrace your life and to make any changes that you feel guided to make. We are always there right by your side, whispering encouragement in your ear, cheering you on. From our perspective, you are filled with light and love and you leave golden drops that glisten in your wake as you move forward every moment of your day.

Be at peace with who you are and what you are capable of doing. Whatever you think, the reality is much greater than that. You are a part of the All and with that comes all of Its knowledge and power and love. Do not doubt yourself, for we do not doubt you for a moment. Dear brave soul, we thank you for your journey and for the knowledge you share with us every day. We give back to you all that we have in ways that you as an individual can accept. Each and every one of you is a beacon of light shining brightly.

You are strength.
You are power.
You are knowledge,
You are wisdom.

You are joy.
You are peace.
You are love incarnate.


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