Your Daily Interactions

How has your day been this day?
Did it go as you had planned?
Were there unexpected moments of joy or feelings of disappointment and frustration?

Every moment of your day is another chance to have a divine interaction. Every moment. Even in those moments when the person with whom you are relating is unkind or negative in their attitude. YOU are the one who can change that challenging interaction into one which is holy and divine. How do you accomplish this?

These interactions are opportunities for you to shine. To deflect the negativity and transform it into something positive and loving. For you are capable of acting in a loving manner, no matter what. The question we have for you is this: Do you act towards others or do you re-act to others?

In order to move forward on your path, the choice for you to consider is to keep your power at all times. By re-acting to another’s negative manner, you give away your power to them. You have allowed them to affect your vibration and lower it closer to where they are at the moment. Can you instead, hold steady that power which is yours and not allow the interaction to affect you in a negative way? Can you instead, surround yourself in light and love and allow that positive energy to flow through you and into the room? Can you instead, be an example of how to interact in a gentle, kind and positive way? That is not to say that if you are in physical danger that you do not remove yourself immediately. You are still able to send loving energies from afar.

It is difficult, we understand, to move through your days tired, stressed and feeling alone. The physical existence is a challenging one indeed. However, it is now time for you to begin to focus more on the integral connection you have with all of creation and how that affects your day and that of others. It is up to you to create that tiny shift in the room from negative to positive. That does not mean you are required to say something uplifting and loving, for often that is not appropriate. But what you can do, in your new-found awareness, is to surround yourself and those with whom you interact with love and positive forces. Are you beginning to understand how the unseen forces can play an integral part in your daily life? By not re-acting, but holding yourself and others in light, you have made a shift which like a ripple in water, will continue to move outward from that point of origin. From you.

Should someone interact with you in a negative way, do not continue to hold onto that negativity after you leave the interaction. Instead, pause and draw a deep breath. Then imagine all that negative energy that surrounds you moving down through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth. Pull down positive, loving energy from above to replace that negativity and see how rejuvenated you feel.

You cannot avoid these interactions, they will occur in your life. But what you can do is to walk in light and love. If you walk into an interaction knowing it will be this way, pause prior to approaching and surround yourself with loving energy. Powerful, unseen forces at work.

Even though something is unseen, does not mean it is not real and powerful.
The air you breathe, the sounds you hear, are unseen yet very real.
Take a chance and see how this exercise can change your daily interactions.
And should you be the one feeling overwhelmed and negative, the same exercise will work for you.

Please remember your source, who you are and the power you have to change your life.
Use it wisely,
Use it in love and change the world,
One tiny step at a time.


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