Where are You Going?

You are moving forward daily at a steady pace. But where is it exactly that you are going? What is your purpose in this earthly life here upon this plane? Do you have a purpose or is this life just an exercise in futility? Why are you here and where are you going?

This has been an age-old question here on this earthly plane. Because you exist in a human form, you cannot easily remember existence as part of the whole. The human form creates the illusion of separateness and this is why Ego can so easily lead you down the path of selfishness. As we have said before, you are part of the whole, an integral part with your own reason for being here. And so, you ask, what is my purpose?

Sit, close your eyes and breathe. In and out. In and out. Find the center of your being, the place of strength that lies within you. It is solid, it is there and it is becoming stronger every day. From this center emerges your connection with the All. And this is the place you must go to find your purpose.

What you must realize is that your purpose is not often revealed to you until you are well on your way to walking the path you have chosen to walk. The human condition, driven by Ego, feels that it must know the answer, so that it can use the mind to orchestrate the unfolding of your purpose.

The soul, however, understands that all is currently unfolding exactly as it should be. The soul understands the connection and trusts that the opportunities will present themselves to complete the tasks it set out to do before coming to this earthly plane. The soul understands the synchronicity of life and does not feel a need to control or manipulate what should happen. The soul moves forward in faith with pure intent. It is aware of its surroundings and understands the ebb and flow of existence while riding the waves of being.

It is the Ego, and only the Ego, which has to know the answer to this age-old question. If aware of the answer, Ego will then question the worthiness, the ability, the timeline, the outcome. Do you understand the difference in these two ways of being?

What you must do is trust the process of universal life. Trust your intuition and follow your instincts. For it is through them that you will become more aware of the voices in the ethers. Try to stay out of your head where you have the need to analyze every detail of life.

Can you trust? Can you give up control, or your perceived notion of control, and allow? Allow the waves of being to gently lift you and move you forward to where you need to be next in order to do your life’s work. Think of how much easier that is in terms of energetic output, no longer pushing or attempting to control. Just floating on the raft of faith and trust in the universal ocean of life.

Please remember that you are exactly where you should be, here and now in this moment. You have free will, most definitely, to alter your course. But in truth, you will always return to the original path after a detour created by insecurity or lack of faith.

Your path is clear, your path has opened and it leads you back to your Source. Back home where you will return with the information and experiences gathered in this earthly existence. Your soul will have grown and with its individual growth, so will it have contributed to the collective consciousness of the All.

Relax and breathe.
All is well and as it should be.

There is beauty and purpose in all things, in all interactions…. in you.
Recognize the sacredness of your being and begin to see your inner light glow brighter every day.
See yourself as we see you…..a shining beacon of light and love.
Pure and brave and loved beyond measure.


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