The Healing Has Begun

Laugh, sing, dance with joy
For the healing has begun.
Slowly, but steadily you have begun to walk the path back to the Source
And, oh, how the heavens sing
Ready to embrace you once again.

Unbeknownst to many of you, there is a squad of cheerleaders urging you on. Each and every one of you has your personal group of guides who are lovingly waiting behind the scenes as you step out onto that stage of life. They are there to whisper to you the lines you may have forgotten. They are there to direct you to stage left or stage right. And they are there to applaud you for a performance well done. They do not judge you as you judge yourselves. For they only see your brilliance. They know from where you have come and to where you are going. They are here to guide you back. Your own personal GPS with a preset destination. Home.

Can you feel the lightness in your step, the bounce in your walk, the song in your throat? All are present. Ready to be uncovered by you. The world awaits your transformation. The world needs your transformation. And you are ready, for the healing has begun for you. And for the world. Feel the excitement in the air. Feel the anticipation of the wonderful changes already beginning in this world, your earthly plane. It begins with you and you have taken the first step.

This is our mission. One which we accept with love and excitement. How can we not be thrilled to see the internal light of every one of you begin to shine brighter, as you accept who you really are? Just as a parent watching a child on a journey of self-discovery, so too are we watching you. With joy in our hearts for the changes that have occurred and for the changes we know are coming soon, very soon.

Connect. With each other and with Mother Nature. Connect in your daily lives. Acknowledge the sacredness of every form of being and understand that you are a part of All. As the energies begin to rise upon this plane, you will better understand this connection. This sacredness of being. And enough of you have begun the journey that the changes have begun. We have awaited this moment for a very long time. And yet, it has just taken an instant, for time does not really exist, but only in the physical realm.

There is so much knowledge that we wish to share with you and our excitement rises as the time has arrived for us to do exactly that. This knowledge will be forthcoming to each and every one of you in a form that you can understand. Slowly, gently, it will be provided to you. Now is the time for you to trust your intuition, for that is how it will begin. There is no possibility of failure. For only love and joy exist and are building every day.

Accept this gift that we have for you. As we thank you for the many gifts you have already given to us.
You are brave souls to have embarked upon this physical journey. For the physical state dulls the remembrance of connection. But each and every one of you came to this physical plane with a purpose in mind. And we have no doubt that you will fulfill that purpose as you move through this earthly life.

You have a foot in both worlds and that will begin to be more obvious to you as the changes progress. Call on us for help in adjusting to this change, should you need it. You must call on us, for we cannot help without your permission. And know that we are always standing in the ready, behind you, in front of you and beside you. Every moment of your day.

Blessings to you, dear ones, for embarking upon this journey.
Accept our gifts to you.
For you are worthy and you are very much loved by the All.


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