Care for Thee

You are responsible for thyself
Allow the love to flow through you, inward then outward.
That source of love awaits your acceptance
Hold it close, wrapped around you
And feel the healing begin.

Do not ever think that you are alone, stranded on a wasteland with no resources.
The truth is that you have love surrounding you and within you. It is bountiful. It is never-ending and it is your make-up. You can tap into that love at any time, any place with only a change of your perspective.

But first, you must acknowledge that you are worthy of this love. This is something many of you do not do. How can we impress this upon you? There is a disconnect between you and your higher self. First you must re-establish this connection.

To do this, sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe. In and out. In and out. Slowly. Gently. Without thought, without judgment. Feel that breath of air move throughout your body. Now imagine that breath washing away the internal darkness that has begun to take hold within you. Each breath clears out a tiny portion of your heart, your mind, your fingertips. Every breath permanently removes a small piece of that inner barrier constructed over the years. And as those portions are removed, a bit of light is able to come through, just as through a window freshly cleaned. That light is healing light filled with love for you and the All. It moves both ways, both inward and outward. A pulse of love with every breath moving through you and outward.

The time is now to accept your brilliance. Do not doubt that you shine with the brilliance of a star in the heavens. For that is how we see you, that is how we find you, through your light. And we see each and every one of you. None are missed. None are forgotten. For we can see the light that you have yet to find within yourself. Trust our vision of you. See with our eyes. Love with our hearts. Speak with our gentle words. Walk with our love surrounding you, enveloping you, carrying you forward to your next destination.

Allow your wings to unfold, as a fledgling in preparation for flight. Understand that you can soar above the mundane, the self-doubt and the fear. You are a vessel of love, universal love. And you are strong enough, big enough, worthy enough to contain it and share it with the world.

Begin with loving yourself.
Allow us in to help you.
The time is now to begin to see the beauty that you are unfold.
The time is now for you to shine.
Do not doubt our vision of you.

Thy love begins with thee.


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