Have you considered the possibility that healing happens every day?

Heal thyself
Accept the gift of it
Release your thoughts of old and allow the light to shine in through your wounds
To mend, to heal, to make you whole again.

The possibilities in your world are endless. The limitations come from you and your way of thinking.

Change is possible every moment of the day. Every moment. And understand that if you can create that shift, so is it possible for others in your life to do the same. It is a matter of choice. Allow the possibility of healing in order to grow in your immediate world. If more of you accept this, can you see how the world could change?

You carry physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds as you walk through your day. The burden of these wounds weighs you down so that your steps are heavy and slow. Can you allow the light in to shine on those wounds to begin the process of healing? Can you change your way of moving through your day from one of battle to one of acceptance and love? Those scars can heal, but it must begin with how you see your world. Is it a battlefield or a playground?

We have said before that your life here on this plane is one of learning for yourself and for the collective consciousness. And we understand that often those lessons can be difficult for you. To ease the pain of those lessons, accept the outcomes, release the hardened memories and allow the light to shine.

Today is another day. A day filled with endless possibilities of joy and laughter and love. Stay in the moment. That fresh new moment beginning to unfurl. A moment in which you have the choice to see light or to see darkness. If it is difficult for you to see light and joy, try to do so only for one moment. Ask for help in allowing the light to come through. Imagine that old wound being healed with the light from above. There may not be a cure, but healing is guaranteed.

Imagine lightness of being. Imagine the joy of discovery. Understand the strength and the power each and every one of you has. And you have that now. You have always had it. You may just be realizing your strength now as you consciously begin walking the path back towards the Source.

Understand the potential in every moment. What happened just a second ago, no longer exists. Do not hold on to it. For there is a new moment, now, in which you can change: your way of thinking, your way of seeing, your way of loving. There is always another chance for you. Endless chances throughout your day. That is the gift of this life for you. Can you give this gift to everyone in your life? The gift of new possibilities of interaction, and of love.

Use your strength, your intuition, your connection to the All to move forward. The outcomes may not be what you expected. But whatever they are, it is how you accept them, how you learn from them, whether you hold them close or release them, that will create your day. And it will be a day of either light or darkness. The choice is yours.

Choose light
Choose freedom
Choose acceptance and release

And allow the light to shine.


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