Moving forward

Are you the turtle or the hare?
Do you measure your success by how far you have travelled or in the path which you have taken?
Do you breeze past opportunities to connect in order to reach your destination?

How do you move through your day? Do you dance with a light step or does the effort to lift your foot require all of your energy and focus? You can change this dynamic very easily with a very simple act.

Stop. Breathe. Feel the ground beneath your feet. See the light above you and invite it to surround you with its light and love. Allow it to fill you with warmth and feel the surge of energy in your veins. Allow yourself to feel the caress of love that is there for you. Allow it to light up every cell within your being and accept the joy that it brings.

See your day ahead as a day of lightness and joy. Feel that, really feel that possibility in your heart. Give gratitude for inner peace and clarity. Smile. Hum your favorite tune and listen for the universal song. It will not come through your electronic devices, but through your heart. Can you feel the vibration of it soothing your frayed nerves? For all is as it should be and you are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Allow the connection to move you forward effortlessly as you glide to your next destination.

The weight of the world is not upon your shoulders. There is no need to wear that heavy cloak of responsibility and control. The only responsibility you have is to come from love. The only control you have is whether or not you act with pure intent.

Realize that you are but one drop in the ocean of life. You are part of the whole. And the waves of movement are not controlled by you but by the combined movement of all that surrounds you. Think of how you can change the lay of the land by being an instrument of love. By providing the building blocks of a solid foundation for others.

Think of the power of the ocean and the contrast between a gentle tide slowly transforming the shore and a forceful wave causing drastic change in one powerful surge. Both affect the landscape. But of which scenario do you want to be a part?

The world will change as the universe expands in its collective consciousness. There is only forward movement. The path that is taken is your choice. You have free will to decide how you will allow your life to ebb and flow.

But you are not alone in this current of life. Allow the love which surrounds you to lift you gently and carry you forward. Allow this gentle current to take you further than you ever imagined. The possibilities are endless. The love is constant and always present. You are one very important part of an infinite whole which ebbs and flows as the ocean tide.

Be of light. Be of love.
Be one with all of thee.


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