Common Threads

Are you really alone in this life?
Is it possible to separate yourself from others?
How do you choose to live this lifetime?

There is a common thread that runs between you and all of existence. It is not something you can shake off or disconnect. It is the way of being. You can ignore this connection that you have or you can acknowledge it, bless it and draw from it to help you through your day. The choice is yours.

The knowledge of the entire Universe is available to you. That is not to say that you can accept it in its entirety at one time. The human body is not capable of receiving that amount of information. This knowledge is revealed to you as you move forward on your path. You will not receive the knowledge if you are not ready to receive it. This is a part of your growth.

And although you are all connected, you are all individuals on an individual path with your own lessons to learn. But understand that as you learn your lessons, you are teaching others. You may do the bulk of the work in learning from your experience. But parts of that knowledge filter on down to others with whom you connect. You cannot underestimate the influence you have on others with whom you interact every day.

You, in your Ego, think that no one is watching or listening or caring about what you do or say. When in fact every action, every thought, every word is affecting someone else along the spectrum of connection. You may live alone, you may work alone, but you are never alone and never disconnected from this common thread. Find comfort in that fact. Take responsibility for that fact. You are a piece of the whole and it is not possible to disconnect. Just as one who has chosen to amputate an injured limb continues to feel that missing appendage, so too, with your life. You may not be in the physical presence of others, but that connection remains strong and true.

Consider your vibration to be one string on a universal harp. This, combined with the vibrations of all others, creates the universal song. The waves of this universal song play throughout the entire existence of being. If one string becomes discordant, the others will compensate to continue the song that plays continually throughout existence. There will be a time that you will be able to hear this song, if you have not already done so.

Understand the connection you have and the song that you create every moment of your day. Allow the connection to lift you up when you feel unable to do it yourself. Sit in a quiet space and allow your physical body to sway to the rhythm of your song. It is playing every moment of your day. For you. For all of creation. Allow it to carry you on its waves back to the Source.

You have a part in this. Play it well.


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