What if?

What if you ceased all worry?
What if you began to smile more often?
What if you took a deep breath every few minutes?
What would happen?

Do you realize how much time, effort and energy goes into worry? Worry about things you cannot change. Worry about possibilities that are only that, possibilities. Worry about the past, the future. Have you ever considered the fact that you rarely worry about the immediate present? This is the time of action, the time of now, the time currently unfolding in your life.

The only time that exists is the present. The past is over and done, the future yet to unfold. So then why do you spend so much time and energy focusing on something that does not even exist? Imagination is a tool that feeds creativity. However, imagining something in your mind and just allowing it to sit there and gain strength is not productive. The present is a time of action and the only time over which you have control of your actions. Control of YOUR actions, not those of another.

Memories are teaching moments. How they make you feel tells you whether you acted from your heart or out of fear or anger. They are tools to show you how far you have come or what you should consider changing. Can you understand the continuum of your life? Actions taken. Memories of those actions. Reflection on change or not. Then actions once again with hopes of different or similar outcomes.

The key word in this continuum is action. Which can only occur in the present, for that is all that exists. You have no control of the past or the future, only of the now. Acting with pure intent is all that needs to be done. And if intent was not pure in a past instant, then it can be pure in this very instant.

There is a reason why memories are forgotten or different for everyone involved. The lesson has been learned and so the memory no longer fills a need. Individual memories of the same interaction differ because each participant has a different lesson to learn from that interaction. And once the lesson is complete, the emotional charge will dissipate from that memory. And soon, the memory will cease to exist for it is no longer necessary for growth.

The present is all that is real. The future has not yet occurred. And how your life changes from moment to moment is dependent on the web of connection and on how you choose to manifest the future. In the school of life, the past is the textbook, the present the test, and the future the result of how much you have learned from that textbook. It is the continuum of life dependent only on what you do NOW.

So smile and see the beauty around you.
Take a deep breath and center yourself.
Worry changes nothing, only action moves you forward.
And your destination changes with each passing moment.

You cannot be sure of what will happen. You can only be sure of how you will be in the moment. And as you become more accustomed to acting with pure intent, the future matters not. For you can be certain that pure intent in action is all that is required to move forward in light and in love.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah Oster Pannell
    May 31, 2013 @ 07:30:36

    This is the perfect morning message for today. Thank you. I will write you a longer letter later, but for now I just wanted to share my gratitude for these timely words.

    Small moments Shifting energies Create openings For magic to happen I believe And I am grateful For the chance To shift direction Whenever I want


    Sent from my iPhone Because that’s how we roll in 2013


  2. The Presents of Presence
    May 31, 2013 @ 10:46:59

    This is such a great post ~so timely for me. Thank you! ♥


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