Your Daily Practice

Now is the time for you to begin your daily practice of forgiveness, gratitude and silence. It need not be for more than a moment during the course of your day. But in doing this as part of your day you will find a shift occurs for you. A shift towards peace and freedom. A shift towards clarity. A shift towards strength and knowledge.

Have you noticed how a day of intense emotion leaves you completely exhausted? Have you noticed how the mental replay of mis-deeds done to you or by you removes you from the present? How this keeps you from experiencing the beauty and joy that is present in the now? Have you yet begun to understand how taking that moment to breathe and center yourself fills you with inner strength, making you feel more secure in where you stand right at that moment?

By being aware of your immediate surroundings in present time, you are connecting with the All. The first step in this practice is to begin to dissolve Ego, which holds you in your mind and closes you off from the present. Ego always remembers the past, plans the future and makes comparisons between thee and me.

Allowing oneself to be present in the now removes power from Ego. It allows you to start fresh, as a young sprout, tender and green, opening to the light, vulnerable but with an inner strength that lies deep within its roots. You are that sprout and it is time for you to move towards the light, knowing your inner strength is there to help you stand tall, no matter what. As with that sprout, you have the anchor of strength within and the light above welcoming you to grow. Take a chance. Breathe, trust and allow your inner beauty to unfold.

Begin by pushing through the hard seed casing you have used for protection. With purpose and resolve, move through the darkness as you begin to sprout, moving upward towards the light. It is when you allow the light to shine upon you that you begin to move towards your full potential. Can you find the resolve to allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to grow? Even in that dark loam there are nutrients to feed you, water to sustain you and warmth to embrace you as you find your way.

So too in your life. But you must make the choice to grow towards the light. Use the simple daily practices we offer to you. Approach each day with no memory of the past. Harbor no judgments against others. For if you are growing and changing every day, would that not be the same for others? If you treat others anew each day, will not the old ways of being with each other begin to change?

In your relationships with others you have established a dance to which all parties have learned the steps. But what happens if you change the cadence? Everyone then, must adjust to the new rhythm to continue the dance. But the dance is not the same, because of you. Do you understand that change begins with you? For others cannot respond to you in the same way. Because you have changed how you approach your day.

Start today. Right now. Begin a daily practice of forgiveness towards all, including yourself. Of gratitude for all aspects of your life and the lessons contained within each interaction. Allow yourself just a moment of stillness to gather yourself and feel your strength and connection. Then you can move onward and upward. You have more strength than you know, more power than you realize. Use both to change your life and to change the world.

It is possible.
It is simple.
Just breathe
And live
And love.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah Pannell (@projectmaven)
    May 17, 2013 @ 19:43:02

    Thank you.
    Perfectly timed, as always… 🙂


  2. The Presents of Presence
    May 31, 2013 @ 10:48:23

    What excellent posts ~ so perfectly timed for me. Thank you ♥


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